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  • Well if ya wanna talk to me all ya have to do is ask. :3 if you have any of these messengers pm me the usernames and i can talk to ya there: MSN Yahoo or AIM. If you have any of those pm me the names. :3
    It is a great game.

    You can buy all 4 on steam if you would like to.

    There are also a few spin offs.
    I just saw your profile picture and I must congratulate you for it, it's my favorite Ghibli movie :3

    In response to my username: it's about as straightforward a name as "Cordelia Fox": the name is quite uncommon, the last name not so much, but you'll still have a relatively hard time finding either in a person who isn't a famous figure. Does it have any particular meaning? "Aristócrates" comes from the greek and is probably related to ἀριστοκρατία ("aristocracy"), seeing as "-es" is a common way to finish male greek names. As for "Carranza", I wouldn't know.
    You have good taste, if I say so myself. =D
    I guess it's less of a pain in the Arse to login now. But your old name oddly matched the Kiki cat avatar.
    Are you a fan of it?
    Holy crap your name changed.
    I liked both for diffrent reasons. =D
    Of course.
    But the mysteriousness only leads to suspicion of such an act as leaving a slice of cake.
    *Munches on cake*
    This level of mysteriousness is most suited to a gift or present, where the actual object in question is hidden from sight, awaiting its unravelling.
    So in saying that, there are two scenarios. I can only guess at the right one, but you know the answer.

    Either there is something in this cake, be it an object or similar, or the cake is the present itself.
    This is a funny place.
    Handing out cake suspiciously is less suspicious than handing it out unsuspiciously.
    But the unsuspicious suspiciousness of the unsuspicious handing out of free cake makes not only the ordeal of the cake handing-out seem suspicious in it's own right, but arouses suspicion like nothing else.

    However, this is very good cake :D
    Your avatar. The memories. ;-; I want to watch Kiki's Delivery Service now, so badly...
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