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    Music of your childhood

    The Entire Pokemon Battle Revolution soundtrack from 2006. Such a nostalgic, iconic game soundtrack!
  2. DreamSoul9999

    Returning After Several Years

    Well it's nice to meet you either way!
  3. DreamSoul9999

    Returning After Several Years

    Hello, I've been a member of FurAffinity for a decent amount of time, but I left and was a bit anxious to return, as I'm a bit of a closet furry. I decided today to come back, and so it's nice to re-meet you guys. I hope you all have a good rest of your day :)
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    Give a job to the furry above you!

    Casino Staff
  5. DreamSoul9999

    Self Challenge: Create a Fursona with Me~!

    I second the stars
  6. DreamSoul9999

    Which Bird Species?

    Thanks for the replies, you guys! It's helping me out a lot!
  7. DreamSoul9999

    Nice to meet everyone, I'm Trax! Friendly digital-art makin' jackal.

    Welcome! Your art is really cool! :D
  8. DreamSoul9999

    The user above you pushes a button, what does it do?

    Each time you push a walnut it says "button"
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    Self Challenge: Create a Fursona with Me~!

    Can I second Theatrically Evil? It's genius.
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    Which Bird Species?

    So I haven't gotten around making a fursona yet, because I'm mostly stuck on the specific bird species I wanted to go with. I was originally going to go with a corvid of some kind but now I kinda want to go with something else. I remember doing the personality test in a post somewhere else on...