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    What's your occupation?

    I'm an HVAC technician. It's a great job. The joy on someone's face when it's 100 degrees in their home and you fix their a/c is just great. Business is always good. Everyone wants to be comfortable in their own home.
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    Im not sure, I don't want to get balls deep in it, then find out I don't like it and have then wasted a bunch of money. Sure, give me the info you can and I'll look it up.
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    Deep fried WHAT?!

    and it's DELICIOUS!
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    I love smoking, cigarettes and cigars but with the existing cost of smokes and the rising cost of everything else, I'm gonna have to give it up. I dip when I can't smoke but not enough for it to hurt my teeth/gums. One can might last me a month. I guess i'll try out the e cigs when I get paid.
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    What is your sexual orientation? - Now with definitions!

    Im Hetero as the day is long. Love all women.
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    Present self talking to past self

    To my 14 year old self. "Do what makes you happy, life will be good. Don't worry so much. Also, you don't know half as much of half of what you think you know, try to be more humble."
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    Gamer Fuel

    Burgers, beer, booz and nicotine of any kind.
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    So how do you do it?
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    How do you shave?

    I just watched that episode yesterday! Tuvok is a pimp. Star Trek is the shit. Im making my way through every episode. From the original, enterprise, DS9 and now Im on voyager. Oh and I shave my head and face when I want to get fancy. Nuthin like a razor smooth scalp. Usually I go with the...
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    Something funny to brighten your day

    I didn't think that this sort of thread would be under forum games.....touché my friend...touché Admins! I SUMMON THEE! Dost my thread meet with your approval of location or does it offend thine eye?
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    Something funny to brighten your day

    I haven't found a jokes thread, if this qualifies as a duplicate thread I hope admins will move it accordingly but I don't have all day to look through hundreds of threads, so yeah. You get it. Here's a video I got lots of laughs out of. Please keep this going, post more jokes and videos! I...
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    What's for dinner?

  13. DrewlyYours

    What's for dinner?

    pounded flat chicken breasts, filled with cream cheese mixed with pepper jelly, rolled up, wrapped in bacon, rolled in corn flakes and baked in the oven. TOOO TASTY!
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    Need advise on mountain bikes.

    Many many many times, and Im 6'6" so I need a tall bike.
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    Need advise on mountain bikes.

    its a bike dude, not a chainsaw with wheels.