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    So has everyone overlooked the complexity of Emmitt Otterton's life? or what?

    SPOILERS. So while the nudist club wasn't breezed over, but like the fact that Emmitt was a member, and took a naked yoga class wasn't. Which you know whatever, you do you man, but like, he is made out to be this generic flat character but we get to go into the complexity of his nudist, working...
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    [ZOOTOPIA] Disney "furry" movie, OMG Get Hyped!!

    I've seen it four times, actually the fourth time I saw it was the Tuesday after it came out lol
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    Zootopia Questions

    Bellweather called the cops she said something like "please help there's a Savage fox at the museum and officer hoops is down oh please help" (that's totally paraphrasing) but I think she was planning on leaving the scene after the call was made anticipating that nick would kill her, until she...
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    Zootopia Sequel TV Series

    I'd like another movie with Judy and nick for two selfish reasons, 1: I totally ship them and want more of that, and 2: I didn't get to see Judy kick some ass! She decked that rhino at the academy, and I was like YASSS JUDY YAS! while totally thinking she was going to do more ass kicking as the...
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    Zootopia Sequel TV Series

    I agree that another movie would be better than a TV series. But Zootopia has done very well, it actually broke the record for highest grossing Disney animated film on an opening weekend. I mean sure that's just opening weekend, but if the trend continues, I'm sure another Zootopia will be in...
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    The parallels to the civil rights era within Zootopia

    OK so there may or may not be spoilers in this post, I really like getting in depth with it so I like discussing things that may spoil it for someone that hasn't seen the movie so, just fair warning. So obviously the theme of Zootopia is to avoid stereotyping or oppressing another species...
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    How do I furry???

    for me being involved with furries is like a spice to life. Life is good, but add a little furry to it and BAM you got something great. I think ts just an unexplainable thing. I think when you look at art, its good, but when you look at furry art its just a little better to a furry, as if you...
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    What do you do for depression?

    I honestly come right to this website (Both sites) when I struggle with anxiety or depression. I have more issues with anxiety then anything, so I can relate to that a little more if that helps? The first thing I try is going through the artwork, I love looking at fursuits, they always make me...
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    Time for a Joke.

    once upon a time there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everybody died, the end.
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    Attempting to draw anthro for the first time

    I wish I had the patience to be an artist, It takes time to get really good at it. you have to start somewhere and I'd say that this is a good start. I can't really give you any technical points, but my friends that are artists say "practice, practice, practice, it doesn't happen overnight."...
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    My dad recently converted all of our home video to lazer discs, and let me tell you it was one of the best gifts ever. I love to watch myself as a child, I was nuts. I loved dressing up like a dog, not much has changed haha, I still have that costume. I love to how happy my family was. We are...
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    I rarely use emojis, I say "haha" WAY to much, I don't even realize I do it!
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    How long have you been a furry?

    well I found out about furries when I was in 6th grade, I lurked about until I was a freshman in highschool, then I was a full blown furfag, then I chilled the fuck out, and now I'm headed out to college so I guess you could say 4 years maybe? I don't know haha, I haven't contributed all that...
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    Things ive learned playing live. (for the first time ever)

    I'm a theater kid, so I get your feels. I love being on stage, it sounds like a douchey thing to say, but in person I'd say I'm very average, and I'm ok with that. when you are on stage you have potential to be extraordinary. you get to be that bad guy, or the guy who is the comic relief or that...
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    How do you think humanity will cease to exist?

    there was this kid when I was in middle school who was "that kid in middleschool" who tried to convince everyone that our impending doom would be caused by cheese cubes? just thought I'd throw that out there. I mean it sounds like its worth looking into to me, there's probably more to this kid...