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    Costume Design

    I have the gauntlets being made. But there's still more that must be done! And I need your help! Hello FA Forums' sculptors/masons/costumers! I am here to ask you to make a dream a reality! (For a price, of coarse) What's that dream? Why, this costume design becoming something...
  2. DruoxTheFurrinator

    slap bass hurts

    that is correct. Also, try hitting a little lighter. you may be hitting too hard for your callus. Develope a better one, then try hitting harder. Same thing happens on fret hands from pressing too hard.
  3. DruoxTheFurrinator

    Do you classify yourself as a "FURRY?!?!"

    Re: Do you classify yourself as a "FURRY?!?!" I'm not a furry! Yaaaay!
  4. DruoxTheFurrinator

    Gears 2

    Unless they put something on this game to seperate people over 12 from those under 12 via xbox live servers, I'm not wasting my money. Or make it so you gotta be invited to servers if you're outside of each catagory.
  5. DruoxTheFurrinator

    FA Page Load Error

    It's a sign! (In the soon-to-be words of FOX news): Obama did it!
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    Why (nonsexually) are you attracted to the fandom?

    I'm here because the file limit on the main site is unlimitted. The fandom never iterested me too much. I just thought that my costume design having horsey legs would be a good excuse to get in :O Seems no one's caught on yet >.> <.<
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    Submission Problem: Music - Gateway Timeout

    Well, I'm glad to hear there's action being taken =D Care to explain the issue? And an estimate as to how long it could take to fix so I know how long I have to stock up on songs to flood FA with? :D
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    The Site Is A Lie

    This song is a failure.
  9. DruoxTheFurrinator

    28 Days Later - Discussion

    The only reason i'm anxious for the server to get back up is because a LOT of my music is hosted on there that was lost on my computer and it's the only place I can get it from...I hope it's all still there....
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    Song for Pic

    that's the pose, yes :D
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    Requests and Trades

    If you'd like to, I'd like to see you draw my character ;D His costume: Belt, Helmet (where the hair comes out of and the mask is attached to), armor, cape, and a loin cloth. Flaps of either leather or dead skin hang from his armor at certain places. The references will show you. I'd...
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    Song for Pic

    Alright, i'm looking for a new avatar, so I am going to do it the fun way :D I'm no artist with a pen, but give me a guitar and i'll wow ya ;D I would like to trade a song for an avatar. I write you a song, you make me an avatar. (Incase that needed to be explained) If you are...
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    requests please(or ill eat you)

    WeW! I'll eagerly await the result :D
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    New girl on campus, Need requests!

    Well....if you wanna take requests...>.> <.< Why not draw my character? If you can't it's cool, he's not a conventional persona along the lines of furries. Refs: With the right hair color: http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a235/Druox/Stage%20Costume/druoxcolor2.jpg with the wrong...
  15. DruoxTheFurrinator

    I got 4 words for you

    I think he meant 4 words as in "No One Cares Newbs."