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    Headshot Commissions! [$7]

    Headshot Commissions for $7 USD! I can draw anthro, feral or human(anime). I cannot draw mech/non-organic. Payment is through Paypal only in USD, and must come up-front before the commission is started. Refunds are not available for completed work, but I'm willing to do minor alterations...
  2. DShain

    5/17 Site Attack

    I've only been lurking a bit, but I want to put emphasis on what Draconas has said here because I wholeheartedly agree. I think people are actually really chill in this forum discussion and aware that FA will return in time and things can resume as normal (as always), but this is still good...
  3. DShain

    What are your experiences as a small business/self employed?

    I have not learned enough about these subjects, so I figure tying a discussion into my ongoing research is a good idea. A lot of artists on FurAffinity make good profit on commissions and the like, but once your income reaches a certain amount ($400-$600 for a 1099 after deductibles?) the taxes...
  4. DShain

    Fetish vs Violence Filters

    Maybe this has been suggested before, but I did want to leave my thoughts. I generally browse with the SFW option active to filter out the porn/fetish, but I also miss out on non-fetish gore/violence. I suppose it would be cool to differentiate between the two in these filters to allow users to...
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    Creature Design Auction!

    The bidding began at $5 and will end MAY 22 at 12:00am EST! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10628633/ With quadruped and bipedal options. The creature could be described as a mixture between a dragon/cow/dog, though the winner of the auction may alter the design as they please!
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    My First Fursuit Head - need critique

    I only noticed the ears appeared "off" when it was mentioned, but they still seem natural as they are. I intitially saw it as one ear pointing slightly in a different direction to catch a sound like you would see an animal do. I love the shapes and the details, and the only thing that stuck me...
  7. DShain

    Long tail skeleton help?

    I feel I'm in a bit of a pinch. Above is an image of the character I'm trying to cosplay which I've been constructing, but because it has anthropomorphic aspects to it I feel this is a better place to get help. I've gotten very picky about what I would like to do about his tail, but most of my...
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    Eye advice?

    This is a great idea too. This crossed my mind, but I'm still unsure of the procedure. Is there a guide anywhere that can help me in "slushing" these hollow shells? Thank you very much for the response!
  9. DShain

    Eye advice?

    Excellent idea, I think I may look into this. Thank you very much, Bir! I don't suppose you may know where on the internet I could find a photo of their suit to take a peek at?
  10. DShain

    Eye advice?

    I've watched and read many tutorials, but I've been at a loss for how to approach a very particular character's eyes. It is a lot like a chameleon, so these eyes appear to "bulge" out of the head to a reasonable extent. I liked the concept of resen, but I need to be able to see through these...