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  • I sent you a Steam request. If I got the wrong person and you got no request, send me a request. I am LazerMaster5.
    Okay, I managed to get my Steam to work, I'm adding back my games now. I'll try to add you in the morning.
    Yes I do play smash every weekend pretty much, but with the steam account. My brother broke our computer, he managed to fix it after a couple of months, but we can't redownload steam on it or we will get our computer taken away
    Hooray! Allow me to bring our e-friendship to a more intimate level by making use of the private messaging system. xxx
    I've been stalking your page for a while, and don't deny it, you've been stalking mine as well. My visitors log told me. WE'RE OBVIOUSLY MEANT FOR EACH OTHER.
    Well ain't that sweet? Alas, the answer would be a no. I don't really enjoy doing gift/request art, and I don't accept commissions.
    Joel is my swell friend, and even then it was sort of unexpected to draw his dude. Sorry, yo.

    Random friend request? Introduce thy self, knight. Don't be shy, now!
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