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  1. DW_

    Best Video Editing Software? (Priced or Free)

    Vegas, hands-down. Don't get why Sony's bleeding money the way they are if their products (SecuROM excepted, piece of shit DRM!) are so good.
  2. DW_

    Would being a furry stop me from getting a job?

    Why? It's silly to ask that question, especially in a professional environment. Wal-Mart, no matter how low rent, is still a professional environment, so it should be treated as such by all employees. This means using your real name on the name tag you're given.
  3. DW_

    Would you bang your own fursona?

    No. 1. Dude. 2. vampire. 3. over a foot taller than me.
  4. DW_

    I still exist!

    Yep. Not sure if anyone remembers me, though. :S
  5. DW_

    Just Wondering.....

    rofl, this is classic. by the way, i forget, you were crusader mike, right? haven't been here in aeons.
  6. DW_

    What was the last album you listened to?

    As far as I can tell it's because of how much post-processing is on any of their songs. Though, that very same argument can be applied to such trite as Akon and Justin Bieber and people still like them, so that argument falls apart. Anyway... Two Steps From Hell - Invincible
  7. DW_

    Attraction to Anthros - Is this Unusual?

    You're right, we are weird. :V
  8. DW_

    Attraction to Anthros - Is this Unusual?

    Re: thread title; Not really. Anyone here who say's they're a furry but doesn't at least find the whole point of the fucking fandom interesting is being stupid for the sake of it.
  9. DW_

    favorite movie

    why has nobody brought up Dorkness Rising yet WHY I DEMAND TO KNOW
  10. DW_

    What was the last album you listened to?

    *raises the flame shield*
  11. DW_

    Anyone knows any good yiffy roleplaying sites? xD

    I forget, can I post images in this forum? Gonna test. Fuck. Oh well. This thread is ass.
  12. DW_

    Underrated Installments in Series

    Shadow the Hedgehog Yeah, guns and the word damn. Big whoop. It was a good game.
  13. DW_

    So there are Cuntboys, but why not Cuntmen or Cuntdaddies?

    What the bloody fuck is this thread? It's just a term, and a stupid one at that.
  14. DW_

    What Are You Listening To?

  15. DW_

    The most god-awful song you've ever heard (The "WTF am I listening to?" thread)

    Anything in "G Major". YouTube, you don't know what the fuck G Major even is. Stop trying.