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Earth Rio
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  • Im cool i just got some elastic, foam sheets and i ordered some upolstry foam (ha ha ha i still cant spell)
    That is actually brilliant well at least that way its a bit easier to follow conversations soooo im bored you have any friends who might actually talk to me?
    Ha, ignore this. No matter how many times I send a VM, I accidentally send it to myself at least once.
    Indeed, though I feel that if we all ignored the 'image problems' with the fandom, which I feel are excacerbated by the fact so much of us are secretive as if we have something genuinely nasty to hide, that they would probably dissapear. That said I don't have the balls to tell many people.
    I have a suspicion there're tonnes more furs in the UK than I previously thought, just most of them are quite secretive.
    You're welcome. ^^
    I was expecting the site to be mostly american, but it has a much wider demograph.
    Oh- it was a group of countries getting together in brazil to discuss environmental stuff, as per usual the earth's fate remains uncertain.
    Hey Earth Rio, since we're both new I decided to add you. ^^ You may have mentioned already but resolve my curiosity- is your name in light of the recent enviro summit at rio?
    arf; also noticed we both live in the UK. C:
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