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  • I watch a lot of telly at times, the sames re runs over and over :')
    Happy New Year to you too! *hugs*
    I was awake til 4am I am proud of myself, There were no takeaways open after midnight though, was a sad time :(
    Did you have a good NYE?
    I've had better xmasses. Family were annoying and TV was worse this year than others, and I was back to work boxing day.
    I'm hoping New Years Eve will be better though.
    Lucky! I've finished work until boxing day now, and I've just handed in my uni work so I'm free this holiday. I have a little audio constrol surface here and getting some spakers this week so I'm gonna have a fun holiday C: (they have nothing to do with xmas either, the best part haha!)
    Gah sounds hectic >.<
    I'm just as unprepared, going to see if I can swing it by going to Birminghams German market tonight and scoring presents from there :')
    I have a paper that still needs to be finished and it is such a chore, I've never had something so boring before! I miss the days where there was nothing to do and I slept!
    It's still about on FA just not on here, I get bored of the avatars from time to time. It will probably pop back up soon.
    I may have been inebriated when I read this, so not sure if I replied.
    Can't you transfer the phone number over through network?
    There is no sun anywhere, but you will always have ice cream and pasties C:
    Hey man, I'm okay cheers, been better but bleh.
    How are you?
    And I do miss it a lot, wish I could go again soon!
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