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  1. eddy-boy

    D&D Dungeon Master Needed!

    Yeah we're already full again. =T Maybe in the future i can give you prod if new spots open up. Thank you for the interest, though . x3
  2. eddy-boy

    D&D Dungeon Master Needed!

    UPDATE!!!1 Announcement is no longer valid, but thank you for your interest all the same! x3
  3. eddy-boy

    D&D Dungeon Master Needed!

    Well met! My Discord Furry RPG group hungers for more adventure! But for that we’ll require an extra Dungeon Master for a D&D 5e game. Do you dare herd some cats through some dungeons and saucy RP? x3 Homebrew races and stories are strongly encouraged. We are also a lewd friendly group. -3-...
  4. eddy-boy

    Looking for D&D Players

    Hello there! =3 Will you be DMing this game? Also, is Fantasy Grounds a furry group? If not, will you be willing to DM in an anthro RPG group? Thanks!
  5. eddy-boy

    Rating system

    I was wondering, wouldn't a rating system be constructive for FA? Every image could have a 10 star bar ranging from horrible to awesome. What do you people think?