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  • Thank kyoo!
    You're awesome too! Glad I joined too or else I wouldn't meet you all and I would be sooooo bored.
    Thanks, worked a while on that icon! Since everybody assumes I'm a guy, thought I'd change it.

    Like your avatar as well! ;)
    There's been panda nipples on my profile for a while now! It used to be panther nipples, but now it's panda. Everyone likes pandas!

    I don't take the "fursona" thing seriously at all, nor do I really consider myself to have a legit one... so that's why I change my avatars and species so often. :p
    Although most of the time I do use some character I just thought up one day.
    Vacation would cost me even more, and heck, I'm planning on LIVING there, not going there for ten days then come back to this blasted country! I-If you know any good furry girls around my age, send them my way~ Hehe :p
    Exiting HK is easy. What you don't know is that going into the US is the hardest thing in the world right now. Canada is childsplay, the UK is easy, but America? NOOO you have to MARRY someone to have the rights to live here! Not only that but they'll give you a COMPLETE background check, have you to pay a ton of money, pass a test about American history AND you gotta sing the national anthem in front of real judges! Heh!
    Thanks man, cheers! I'm in quite a tough situation due to the 'I GOTTA MARRY SOMEONE TO GO TO THE US TO FIND SOMEONE TO MARRY' situation :p But I got a few years to get ready I guess! Hope I find someone online, truly!
    ME??? never happen. I don't know enough about the computer stuff and besides Minty thinks I'm to creepy!
    Cool thought though!
    I play on OCE servers though. I think my only NA account now is just level 7 or something.
    Aww, thanks :). I appreciate that.

    If ever I get up my own ass, I hope people call me on it.
    Oh thanks a lot, so thats why no one from hear has gone on my page, thanks
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