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    Which side of the smash spectrum do you fall under? (See picture)

    Middle... Cause I Kirby-kazi :D Suck 'em in and walk off a ledge, hehe. Though an earlier argument makes me wanna see a Street Fighter VS Smash Bros game O.o Since Capcom so loves their cross-overs.
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    Gaming letdowns (that actually seemed promissing)

    Freelancer. Amazing game-in-work turned into a rush job with a sloppy storyline and a lack of customizability that was originally gonna be in it, I believe... Still great fun in multi-player though, especially when wars are started, hehe. As someone else state earlier, all the sonic games after...
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    FA Gamers - Steam Servers Opening Soon

    I request an HL2: DM server, simply because I can't afford a comp that can run TF2 >.>;;; That, and it might get a couple friends to start using FA more too :D
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    The new banner is humorous and entertaining.

    Just a few things to say: I find the banner funny and fitting. Banner's up for only a day. Get over it. So what if there's a furry out there masturbating to this, there were probably just as many masturbating to the zombie banners for their gore. As before, get over it. They're fictional...
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    Characters needed! (closed! fo' realz this time!)

    RE: Characters needed! Wow, I'm a few hours too late... and I had something I coulda offered.
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    Still open, taking art request

    Pick one: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/63907/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/159140/ or http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v326/Klaymore/Request__Sasayaki_by_sa0ri_chan.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v326/Klaymore/758f89f7.jpg
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    Double post, I know, but I just want to let people know I have an example for how to do an anthro vael if anyone's interested... Up to whoever draws another as to whether it's digitigrade or plantigrade... http://www.furaffinity.net/view/783756/
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    No, not re-Questing, but anyway. I'd like to ask folks a favor... I have this type of critter I made up called a Vael, found in many different environments and conditions. As described on one of their pictures: "They're a lot like serpents, though their heads are shorter, females have an...
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    What kind of furry are you?

    Blue-furred catwolf hybrid... If you really care about the damned specifics, you'll just go ahead and check my art page. Nyah.
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    Next month's theme

    I agree with taurs, though if that's the case than I wouldn't really have much a chance of getting an entry in... I can barely even draw a proper anthro...
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    Furries and Dating.

    It's the priests I tell ya, they don't get any on their own so they impose their wants on us. o_o Joking, heh. Anyway, so far the last relationship I was in was with a non-furry. It was nice, didn't really have to explain much, it was as if she coulda blended into the fandom without anyone...
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    Horrible Pain *@#!*

    Torture, neh? If I wanna torture someone, I'd just do my Stitch impression... It scares people, and has already come close to driving someone insane. Doesn't help that I do the laugh as well.
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    Unusual Question...

    Always depends on the character, in my opinion. Like if I'm drawing Janus or Muse, it's plantigrade. If Sasayaki or the newest version of Ruben (the old one's a crap recolor), then digitigrade.
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    Can't get into FA anymore O.o

    Ah, thank you very much... Just wanted to know it wasn't something horribly wrong on my end (as it has been twice before >.>;; )
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    Can't get into FA anymore O.o

    Yeah, I'm surprised I can even get here to tell anyone... Anyway, I can't get to any part of the non-forum FA, I keep getting "Connection timed out" messages and the like, though I don't see why... it's been going on for a few days now. Any ideas as to why?