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    What Would Equal a Monster?

    anything equal or greater than the ugliness of rosie o'donnel
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    What are the events in your life that shaped who you are today? (Or lack thereof)

    probably trying to kill myself when i was 7, and then sent to a mental institution. i'm not a normal person
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    Ever Been to a Clothing Optional Furmeet?

    considering the shit that people say/do/draw on FA, and the forums, i wouldn't go anywhere within a mile of one of those.
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    Mental health issues in the furry community higher than the average population?

    well, i was admitted to a mental hospital when i was 7. i guess i was suicidal or something. i don't remember much. i still take celexa and risperdal though.
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    i've always hated sports. i hate both playing and watching them. i used to like running cross country, but i hurt my leg, and could barely walk for like 3 months. that kind of ruined it for me plus the jock types always get on my nerves. after getting suspended for punching one in the face, i...
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    Coming Out: The Thread (Continued)

    if i had to chop off my dick to see that happen, i would do it
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    Coming Out: The Thread (Continued)

    try coming out when your parents watch fox news and support the tea party
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    A new show putting furries in a bad light?

    people already think negatively of furries, so i really don't give a crap
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    What should I be…?

    sexual fursuiter, just because you said no
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    Hey Dman. I have an epiphone. I spent a lot of time in the sound when I was younger. My parents used to keep their boat in northport harbor, but left because the water was nasty (as is most of the water in the sound). Thanks for the welcome!
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    Hey, i'm new. I am a pretty shy and quiet guy, and don't really like talking to people (untill I get to know them) I like to play guitar, and plan on posting some covers( maybe some rise against) I am an ok artist ( ok is probably stretching it) but I don't draw much. I like listening to punk...
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    How do you write a chord progression?

    it all depends. it's a LOT easier if you are familiar with music theory and have played an instrument or two. on guitar, i usually write lyrics, and then guitar chords make a good harmony with the lyrics, or a melody that sounds good with the lyrics.. then the bassline can have either a harmony...
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    If you started a country, what would your flag look like?

    the flag would have dicks with happy faces on them, so when somebody came to my country, there would be happy-faced dick flags everywhere.
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    that's why i hate living in america. also, op is definitely a troll
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    hello everyone!

    hey, i'm new also, about the same age from america. if you want to talk, shoot me a message