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  • A biro is a type of pen, invented in hungary I believe. Google it if you want images- you've prolly used one before. ^^ I love 'em cuz they're difficult to smudge, provide a wide range of tone and allow for fine detail.
    I thought I didn't have any furry friends, then found out a guy I knew since junior school was a furry- out of all the people you meet it's a probable occurence.
    Doesn't sound crazy, sounds realistic, if we're honest the imaginary moment we decide that something is 'finished' doesn't exist at all. I'm currently working on Biro drawings that I continue to throw away and restart, maybe eventually I'll finish something but that's not entirely the point- putting pen to paper is its own satisfaction much of the time.
    I don't think it's something people get over; art, being so representative of a person's workmanship, ideals and being, will never cut the mustard of what we really aspire to, will it? It's the flaws and contradictions in a piece of art that define it and actually make it worth seeing in comparrison to the totalitarian dictatorship of physical reality. If we were to achieve the aspirations of our art, I bet we'd stand back and say 'well that was boring,'.
    Hey elinu, I think we all feel that way about our imagery most of the time, and people who don't admit it are just being narcissistic. :j
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