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    Hiring: ($25+) Looking for art for my gator sona!

    Love her!! Here's some examples I've done recently of my own croc character ^^ And here are my rates! For more info and to place an order please head over to my website! https://lele22.weebly.com/commissions.html Thank you!
  2. elle2

    Sketchbook: Elle's gallery!!!

    OMG Well... time has passed.. its 2021!??! AhhH!!! I drew some vurrry old characters! My croc character abigail and my lil boy felix LOL
  3. elle2

    Hiring: ($150+) OC drawing and reference sheet

    Hiya! Here's my commissions website, and an example of a reference sheet!
  4. elle2

    Sketchbook: Elle's gallery!!!

    Ok another post to make up for my erm month long gap. I tried to design a new fursona since my old one didn't feel very me... it's a raccoon dog!! I think they look so cute and fluffy. Whenever I design characters I try to think of ways I haven't seen things used before, so for this I hadn't...
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    Sketchbook: All my artworks.

    Wow, hyena city!! So great to see some hyena love
  6. elle2

    Leaving my comfort zone <3

    Very charming and cute!! I love how gentle your illustrations look!
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    Hiring: ($50+) Sakura Flower themed pokemon OCs

    This sounds really fun! Here's my price sheet and here's my commission website, which tells you a little bit more about how much it would cost. As I work in animation I really pride myself on being able to draw "on model" so I have no problem with drawing in the pokemon style (tbh I feel like...
  8. elle2

    Sketchbook: Elle's gallery!!!

    Oh god... it's gone past two weeks... ha... ha... *forgetting everything* I've been doing so much schoolwork!! I'm excited to graduate soon *rolling eyes* Here's a drawing I did of my mascot! I find it hard to do stuff "messy" so i wanted to try out a super messy colouring style with lots of...
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    Sketchbook: Viivi's critters

    Wow, love the shapes! I really like the horn styles you've explored too, sooo cool!
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    What was the last movie you saw in a theater?

    Hmm.. it was either Jojo Rabbit or Onward. Both of which I really enjoyed!!
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    (Commission) Selling: Character illustrations, ref sheets, designs etc! Starting at £50!

    For more examples please refer to: Twitter gallery Instagram gallery My commissions website! Please refer to it, and if you're interested fill out a form! I am open and raring to go! I have a pretty fast turnaround, and I won't post your commission without your permission! How it...
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    Hiring: looking for a redesign/ref sheet commission ($20-$100+)(closed)

    Hiya! Here's my price sheet! If you're interested, or want to see more examples of my work, please head to my commissions website >:3
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    Fresh n' new baby!!

    *waving* Thank you guys so much!! >:3
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    Hiring: Looking for a NSFW commission for my fiancé and I. Budget: $50 - $200

    I'd love to work with you! :3 here's my price sheet, and here's where you can find more of my info :3
  15. elle2

    Fresh n' new baby!!

    Aww thank you guys so much T.T