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    Clothes or no clothes on furries?

    Wear clothes, don't be a savage.
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    Plz give me tips of how to gain more views to FA profile....Plz!

    DRAW. PORN. If it ain't got hyper dicks/bellies/ass/I'meatingsomeonewithmyassandorpenis/diapers, people won't look at it.
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    Does anyone on here like dark humor?

    White people.
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    What's your dream job?

    I had many dream jobs doing all sorts of wonderful things. I just keep waking up. Suicide sounds fun.
  6. ElZorroValdez

    Make me laugh...

    Here's a joke... Life.
  7. ElZorroValdez

    Telling my parents

  8. ElZorroValdez

    The cringe is unnerving

    Just look around you. I cringed my pants.
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    Do you believe in God, or some similar thing?

    I believe in a large monster, with two large meatspheres that constructs its frame, and many noodle-like appendages of which it uses to grace you.
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    Any furries in Phoenix? :)

    There are no furries in a phoenix. It's just a flaming hot bird that bursts into a pile of ash when it dies. Are you insunuating that furries are no better than a bunch of smoldering embers? How dare you.
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    Do you have any Uncommon Phobias?

    I am afraid of you. Keep your distance, I'm armed.
  12. ElZorroValdez

    Best pick up lines

    You must be an oven because you're making my yeast rise.
  13. ElZorroValdez

    Best pick up lines

    Are you the SAT? Because I'd do you for three hours and forty-five minutes, with a ten minute break in the middle for snacks.
  14. ElZorroValdez

    Best pick up lines

    I'm having a sale at my place, clothes are 100% off.