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    Coming Out: The Thread (Continued)

    Hi folks--I don't really post here at all (ever), but I figured I would share this here and see if anybody had any advice or insight. I've been struggling with my sexuality for a long time now, and have only recently begun to come out. Unfortunately, I'm not really sure what I'm coming out as...
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    OCremix and ormgas

    about 60 percent of the music I listen to is from OCR :D
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    Classical Music

    I didn't start liking classical music until I began majoring in it ;). But as I walk down the path of classical music in the percussion world, I've been finding myself falling in love with a lot of contemporary composers... steve reich, john cage, toru takemitsu, paul lansky, robert aldrige...
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    Musicians: Plug here!

    I swear to god I'm a musician, though my page won't really show it :< Undergrad for percussion performance right now at a conservatory in Baltimore, but am also very interested in video game music. When remixing, I use Sonar 3 and occasionally audacity, and I've been playing with Digital...
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    Memorable Game Music

    if you've played it, Moonsong from Cave Story: http://kwix.shackspace.com/cavestory/soundtrack/24%20Moonsong.mp3 and two good remixes, while I'm at it: http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01524/ http://kwix.shackspace.com/cavestory/tracks/06.k-wix-MimigaVibe.mp3
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    What music do you like?

    I never understood why people felt a need to make a genre called "emo", when I've always thought that music was inherintly emotional in the first place ><
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    Why the Apocalypse can't come fast enough...

    personally i loved it :D
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    What music do you like?

    you people listen to alarm will sound. Listen to their interperetation of aphex twin. http://www.myspace.com/alarmwillsound or http://www.alarmwillsound.com
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    I approve

    lol i didn't watch it but as a fellow professionally trained musician, i encourage you to turn down the volume so that you don't hurt your sensitive ears
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    What's the difference?

    headphones help
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    Horrible Pain *@#!*

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    What music do you like?

    ROCK ON i'm glad you said that especially considering I used to go by Ethan XD are we talking traditional string quartet, or what? I dig percussion chamber music, mainly because it's what I study in school. <3 Cage's third construction <3
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    What music do you like?

    jazz, classical, video game. Hiromi rocks my socks off, contemporary works for percussion blow me away, and i listen to the music of cave story for fun
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    How furry are you?

    hardly. I like the art and find corrosive funny. That's about it really.
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    How do I ask her out?

    this is funny :D