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  1. epicukulelesolo

    Important: Changing Your Username

    Could my FA name be changed to Azurewaterhorse? Trying to unify my work on all platforms under one name.
  2. epicukulelesolo

    Good Horse Fursuit Maker?

    Im looking to start saving up for a partial equine suit but want to start looking for artists to commission so I can get an idea of how much to go for it. Does anyone have any recs?
  3. epicukulelesolo

    What to sell at Artist Alley?

    Im not really comfortable doing NSFW art ^-^;
  4. epicukulelesolo

    What to sell at Artist Alley?

    I didnt even think about binging my own lamination machine. It would save time. Usually I just use the free one at fed-ex stores haha ^-^; I guess that would be good for making badges like Pooka said too.
  5. epicukulelesolo

    What to sell at Artist Alley?

    I dont know if this is the right forum but here goes. So I’m very new to the furry fandom in general. But I’m hoping to participate in artist alleys at conventions in the future but I don’t really know what to sell as the fandom is very OC centric. Which I LOVE but also it makes coming up with...
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    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Deer Adoptables $20

    There are 6 avaliable at the moment all going for $20 each! Furafinity Link here 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)
  7. epicukulelesolo

    Help Revamping my Fursona?

    So I drew a sorta kinda fursona years ago without taking it really seriously. Of course now Im attempting to take it a bit more seriously in terms of character creation and so on. Idk if I wanna keep it in terms of realistic horse colors or not. That and I also am embracing my goth-ish side and...
  8. epicukulelesolo

    Brand New here

    Ive done anthro art in the past (though I didnt call it furry stuff) but Ive only just now really made a genuine commitment to actually explore and start making art more regularly. Ive always been interested in practical effects and the fandom was the first place I ever saw any kind of mask with...