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  • My first ever summer on FAF. Guess it’s time to pull these baby’s out

    *pulls up with the shades*

    y’all know what time it is cmon now B)
    Hey Erix, im sorry if you're upset at me, I just didn't want you gettin involved or hurt or messed with. Im sorry I hope you're not too cross with me.
    *hugs you tightly*

    Please you gotta leave him be, he's not going to change no matter what we say, we just gotta wait for a mod to get on.
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    Yo I’m sorry Santo, but I ain’t just gonna let some dick head like him go into the vent thread, that just came back btw, and ruin everyone’s vibe without a talking back to.

    I mean I’m chillin now, so we’re fine, but I’m just sayin I ain’t gon let anyone just disrespect any of y’all like that without doin nothin. I care bout all u guys bro, like this community’s hella nice, and this is just how I roll.
    I know what you mean *Hugs*

    but people like that feed off of negativity, and we're just giving him what he wants. best thing to do is stay positive. Im sorry about all of it.
    Guh, I was working on hw last night and wanted to rest on my bed for ONE MINUTE..

    I effin fell asleep ffs I hate my life.

    I gotta work harder today on hw now >.>
    Don’t expect anyone to really read this lol, but I might be gone for the next few days. Just got my first covid vaccine dose and man is it making my arm sore. Hopefully I’ll still be here, but if I’m not, that’s why ;w;
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