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Esper Husky
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    What did you use to make your Avatar?
    I always feel so happy finding other Coheed fans in unexpected places, like we're in some super secret club together. Silly, I know. :3
    Bwaha, not to far off from my own tale. I was listening to a music channel (Fuse/Fuze or something like that) and 'A Favor House Atlantic' played (2003?). I actually hated it the first time I heard it, Claudio's voice was just so... weird (I was an angsty teen then and I listened to angsty teen music. :p). But then the more I heard it, the more it grew on me. Mentioned it to a friend and they introduced me to, funnily enough, 'Delirium Trigger' and I was hooked. Then, after learning there's a comic series that goes in sync with the albums, got my hands on that and it's been a tumultuous romance ever since. IKSSE:3 is probably one of, if not the, favorite track for me. But I love everything they do, even the Prize Fighter stuff. I think I'm just hopelessly fangirl lol. Their music helped me through some rough times, gave me an escape from reality, like a book I could enjoy in different mediums (well, that's exactly what it is x3), so they forever have a special place in my heart.
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