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  • I got my laugh of the day from your avatar, I thought it was in prison, but it was just the lines in the paper XD
    Heee~ I like being random (*/ω\*) And making faces (≧ω≦) And...murder ( ಠ◡ಠ )

    Well OK maybe not the last one...maybe (¬‿¬)
    I CAN ADD YOU ON SKYPE!!! Just give me your username. Mine is Cassafrass1999. :3

    I'm sorry I don't come on a whole lot. :/ I come on when I can, but I'm MUCH easier to find on Chicken Smoothie at the moment (it's a pet adoptables site with a huge forum x3) I'm Cassafrass on there too. :p

    Oh really? 83 Will have to look into that... Ohio is so boring. ;_; That sucks though... I'm sorry. :c That's awesome! :3 That sounds really cool! Let me see... I have Kiara my eastern dragoness (need to update my avatar ha XD) who can also shape-shift into a Velociraptor, I have my Pokesona Snow (or Snowy!), and my Ponysona Cutie Click... all of which are on my FA account. :3 Is your feral cat part of the Warriors fandom by chance? ^^

    You are very welcome. <3
    CASSAAAFRAAAAS! :p I can't find you on FA D: I tried searching Cassafrass before. Grr. ;w; Do come over more often so we can talk~ One day we shall Skype! Bwawhah! Thanks for checking out my channel by the way~ AND FERAL ART FOR THE WIN! -cheer-

    Really? I think there's Ohayocon or something like that in Ohio. There really ARE no furries here because that culture is only for the Jap and the US. Well at least you'll be able to join things in the future. I'm 17~ Just turned a while back. And I actually don't exactly have a specific persona, no. :3 I have a feral cat, a Lucario variant, an Umbreon mascot for YouTube but no specific one!

    And thank you for the sub~
    Dang, again not to spam, but I just checked out some of your music - and it's freaking awesome! I love it! That's some of my favorite kind of music, and to have it Pokémon style... it's pure perfection! ^.^ My friend, you've got yourself another sub. ;)
    Thank you! :D Oh wow - that's awesome! Quite a ways away. I hate to ask, but were you born there or did you move? I'm sorry that the fandom doesn't exist over there. D: Are you sure it doesn't? Well, I'm sure you are, but... you haven't ever met another furry over there? That sucks. D: I live in Ohio, which I know how furries around, but I haven't heard or met any as of late. :/ That stinks though. DX Well, I guess all I can say is that at least there's the internet - am I right? XD I'm too young to go to any meet ups and stuff yet (I'm 15 so I'm getting there XD), so I kinda understand how you feel... as I have like no friends right now irl and wouldn't know of any who like the same fandoms I do. :/ It stinks. DX And I understand about time zones - it's already hard enough to make the time to hang out with my online friend who lives in the UK lol. ^^;
    OMG I'm not the only one who likes feral art more! Yay!! :D

    Oh dear, I'm sorry I worried you... life got crazy... once again. I didn't realize how late of a reply I had given you! Sorry about that. >.< *also glomps on you* <3 Yup, I'm still here - I'm not extremely active (I'm on other sites like Tumblr and Chicken Smoothie a bit more, not to mention the original FA) but I do come on here in my spare time. :D I like talking to you. ^^

    OMG I will totally check out your channel! I love remixes and - speak of the devil, I've been meaning to find some Pokémon remixes lately. Thank you! XD You can check out mine too if you want which (I think lol) is under the name of Cassafrass1999 right now, but it is going over a total makeover and I haven't done anything with it forever. x_x
    Indeed, it 'tis. >.< :( Oh well, thank you! Awesome! Me too. I LOVE Pokémon! We should trade or battle sometime if you like. :D Actually, I haven't - I literally just found out about it two weeks or so ago. xD I'm just obsessed with it now. o.o I found out about it by somehow finding a web page about it by accident... I looked at it, thought it looked interesting, but didn't think too much of it. I have always had a fascination with animals, but not particularly anthro ones - until now. I had an online friend tell me about FA, not knowing what it was, so I went to check it out. I did a bit more research on the furry fandom, and here I am today! :D Hehe. Do you have a main FA? :)

    Yes, I do... buuut my mom only let's me friend people who I've "know for a little while". -_- Oh well, eventually right? XD Sorry for the inconvenience. :(
    Hi! :D Everything is going alright... having irl friend troubles :)c), and been depressed and stuff lately... but I'm slowly figuring things out and getting better. ^^ I'm trying to update my 'sona! :D How are you? :)
    Hello, and sorry for not replying sooner! *shakes paw* Thank you! :D Aw your avatar is adorable. :3 Thank you! :D I would love to talk and be friends (if you liked.) ^.^
    Haha, if I know any good people in general, you're likely to meet them! When it comes to good company, I don't discriminate by gender-- I like getting to know people from all walks of life. Maybe I won't make the best matchmaker (although I can give great relationship advice), but I'll at least be your pal! :grin:
    Ahhh, well, I knew that the naturalization process is rather rigorous, but I didn't know that marriage was a requirement to even begin it! Wow, that's just horrendous! You could always get a passport and go on vacation here every now and then, if you start saving up!
    Is that really how bad emigration is out of Hong Kong? Is the USCIS saying, "Need to see your green card, sir," just because of where you live?
    Keep faith, champ! Whatever you've got your heart set on, it's bound to happen if you keep looking! Here's hoping for you! I wouldn't mind chatting/hanging out sometime. Add me on Skype if you want!
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