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Evan of Phrygia

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  • Uuuhhh, no, don't worry, no need to do so now. I was actually going to cheer on you via PM yesterday, but I ended VM'ing you instead because of that reason.
    Stoner rock I believe is one of the greatest unmentioned music genres of all time. You got overshadowed by grunge which came out really around around the same time. Some compare it, but stoner metal certainly has much more creative harmonics and they like to play around with guitars more than they sing.

    Its also referred to as desert rock, though the desert rock genre has a much broader sound. Look up Samsara Blues Experiment as well.
    Kyuss, Blues for the Red Sun and Welcome to Sky Valley are two great ones. But Wretch and And the Circus Leaves the Town are also amazing. Colour Haze is a German band who are arguably heavier than Kyuss at times. Machine (self titled) is a bit more basement sounding but still really fucking awesome. Albatross Overdrive is like big block V8 stoner metal. Faster and harder.

    Yeaaaaah Im a fan of the genre. I know a few more just not off the top of my head.
    Seeing as you're in exams, I'll be rooting for you from over here. I hope you get proper sleep and can stay focused through these days, and that your first GPA will be one that makes you proud.
    Cheers to you, Evan, success and good luck!
    Not at all! In fact, your frankness was enviable. You basically shut everybody up (myself included) and were not afraid to do so... at least for a while.

    EDIT: Of course you were going to get flack for it, but, on the other hand, that's bound to happen in any discussion whenever the topic is so controversial and people's reputations are at stake.
    When did you become so good at getting your point across? You make one... quite proud, I must say.
    Hey, plenty of people to talk to when you feel down, me included @ kosdu.waya on skype
    I'm no good at anything percussion, not even triangle xD
    As I've stated before, double reeds and guard for me :p
    Man, you set people straight on the "easiest instrument" thread a month ago
    So proud of you for that, bud. omg that was so great to read. You always know what you're talking about when it comes to music and I'm always nodding my head to your posts
    I'm glad to see you're back. I hope you are feeling better, if only a little. 3:
    Oh, shit! That's unfortunate. You must've known that ahead of time, so why were you 2 states away 12 hours beforehand? And did the concert go well?
    Toll roads suck. I've driven from MI to PA on US highways to avoid I-80. It added an hour or so to the trip, but the scenery in Ohio was much nicer. (sorry, didn't wanna derail the thread)
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