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Evan of Phrygia

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  • I shave (rarely because I love my stubble so much) with a Wilkinson Sword equipped with Quattro Titanium blades. I hardly ever cut myself using it, and when I do it's never deep or particularly bloody. It also works on batteries and has a vibrating mode. Best perverted useless functionality for a razor ever.
    I kind of meant なにですか!Sort of as "what is that?!" But of course, I still don't quite have a grasp of the language, so I'm probably off by just a little bit on the exact meaning (and in fact the grammar might be completely wrong XD). According to Google Translate (in it's infinite wisdom), I said "What?!" So, basically the same effect. :p

    I should probably change it to あれはなんですか!to make it actually say "What is that?!" but なにですか is so much shorter.
    Fun fact: when you see what looks like quotation marks next to a character (such as で、べ、ぎ、ぞ、ど、が and ば [de, be, gi, zo, do, ga and ba respectively]) they are "voiced," meaning that a "t" in "te" becomes a "d" as is "de." For the "h" series, a circle next to a character means that it is unvoiced, or, instead of "he," you would have "pe."
    That's cool bro. I'm actually in my first semester of Japanese at school, and have got a good grasp of Hiragana and Katakana (and starting to work with Kanji). For reference, what you thought I wrote would look like なにてそさ. I'm assuming that you'll be using it more and more through as you keep going, and from there, you should pick it up pretty fast.
    Actually, a friend and I were talking about that, and I've been ingesting a steady diet of Botch, Norma Jean, The Chariot, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Car Bomb and Converge to help inspire my writing.
    Lastly, haven't had much time to do much of that. I've been so dadgom busy with school and whatnot I haven't had a whole lot of time to do much of this.
    Why thank you, it's nice to know that at least someone appreciates my particular brand of alcohol infused commentary.
    Eh. I don't remember people's names let alone sexualities. Besides, like I said, I'm still a freak (if not a very public one) :v
    What, you offer porn to random people/recommend that they ejaculate on someone elses's bed often? :v

    Maybe I'm just a prude (which almost makes sense because I'm asexual, but doesn't because I'm a freak :v), but I'm kind of surprised no-one called us out in the rants thread.
    Lol. I figured that was what you meant. I just thought my interpretation was funnier. :v

    And I doubt you could provide anything of "use" to me. The whole "not having any desire for intercourse" thing makes my preferences in such things more than a bit strange. :v (I hope I haven't made this conversation any dirtier then it already was.)
    Ha, exactly the reaction I was hoping for. After a tempting suggestion, I thought it only appropriate to have an avatar in the spirit of pony week.
    I never realized it was a Facebook reference, seeing as I rarely touch the thing.

    Heh, I see. Then is it bad enough that you would like me to change it to something else? I'd have no problem with that.
    Dissonance and Xaerun are the same person. I changed from Xaerun to Dissonance and back again.
    My dragon sona is still a work in progress, but coming along fine. At this rate I'll have hum nice and polished and presentable in a week or two at most. And just ignore the Homestuck thing, it"s just for fun :V
    Well ... you said 'banned for shtuff" (please don't edit that and make my ban obsolete :V) and that's how Sean Connery pronounces words with the letter "s" in them because of his accent.
    A good basic starter is like "hi how are you?"

    But im more if a fan of saying "Aye how you doin'?" like the fonz, or you know just say "Aye" with a snap of the finger.

    "hola chico" is nice, it adds a bit of exotic forgein language giving the air that you are a man of thw world.

    But my all time favorite is of course "hey gurrrl you eat food? Yeah? Me too, lets fuck."
    and for your album covor you said something bout that picture. i can actually take a better one with better light and better resolution if you want i ended up gettin g 6 new medications to add to the pile :/
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