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Evan of Phrygia

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  • it take some time but slowly i will get back to my normal self. the meda are just high doces and until i build up a tollerance i will be KOO KOO for a while
    Well, I wasn't ever in a pit, per se (we didn't have one), but I am in a 90-person concert band and a 15-person Razz band. I play alto sax in both of those.
    I play Tenor drums, you know, quints? Anyways, I'm with an independent line that is also part of a marching band. I used to play baritone saxophone in that band, but now I'm on the drumline.
    I suck enough at doing maths with stupid numbers, let's please not debate which number to attribute to a random animal without any frame of reference :V
    Not necessarily. 0.5 squared is 0.25. A pony, being a smaller version of a horse, could concievably be considered as being one half of a horse (depending on its size), thus rendering my name suggestion valid.

    Just sayin'.
    Well I have MSN also but in my experience it just makes me want to gouge my eyes out when using it. I'd recommend getting some form of IM program, they're quite convenient :3
    Front is the choice I made too. I just thought I was being unreasonable when it was 30°C at 4 PM and I was sweating myself to death at the (second) front row =D
    At least you have drums to play :<
    I'd love to have a kit but my parents are all "You're going away to college and it takes up space so no". I've never touched a real drum kit in my life, though I'm fairly certain I could still play one better than the average person.
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