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Evan of Phrygia

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  • So I found my flag. It got misplaced =w=
    Also, you're perhaps one of the nicest percussionists I know. Most I know are douchebags o3o
    Like, the two people I suspect have no reason to either!
    One of them has his own flag. The other doesn't need it.
    Like, if I misplaced it, I'll feel real dumb.
    One year for me, took classes and had to drop out because of work hours interfering badly. Been studying myself every now and then since. I've gotten really rusty though, but there's always the dictionary I can use.

    Well, drop a pm whenever and I'll reply to it later. I'd toss you one now but my phone doesn't support them runes.
    Or we could chuck in a pm every now and then loaded with moonrunes. I'm not nearly as fluent to go on a voice chat since I've forgotten most of my vocabulary, and if it's gonna be text, pms would give time to read it properly for both of us and it'd negate time differences.
    Hey, how long have you practiced moonspeak?
    I'm "in the peninsula", but I can walk to Wisconsin from where I am now lol.
    Maybe we're just hiding. Us Michigan people manage to hide an entire Peninsula from the world, so how hard can a location tag be?
    Ah cool! Glad you were able to go lol. Did you play any of the games upstairs by any chance? I think it's called Werewolf at the Table, but it's in Latin and I don't quite remember the name.
    Hah. Were you at MCFC by chance? A friend and I went to that last year and plan to this year.
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