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Evan of Phrygia

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  • It's too bad band camp started so badly :c
    I think this is one of those situations where people should resort to school authorities or any sort of general agreement... no, that's obvious. More than anything, it's not a situation that should be hard to fix with a little bit of forgivement (if that word exists) and comprehension... yeah, this just sucks, hope you all get to get out of it.
    Yeah. I know what you mean. Veronica Taylor MADE Ash... and you could tell that she was really passionate about her work. I just don't get that vibe from Sarah Natochenny, even now after all these years. But, the voices they've added since 5th gen have been pretty good. Cilan and Axew both have great voices, to me. And it warms my heart knowing that the original narrator is still contributing his voice to the show.
    I've watched a few episodes in the original Japanese through YouTube, but they've been getting good at cracking down. So I just stick to the dubbed episodes that are rotated on the Pokemon website.
    I'm sorry. Once I realized that I tried to edit as fast as I could...
    But I'm using a phone. :/
    Okay, now I'm a little concerned. Are you sure you're okay?
    edit: er, wait... I mistead your nost recent post and overreacted. Sorry
    Ummm, I actually don't think so. I know what you're talking about, and I could be wrong , but I snipped this from an image I'll try to find the link to. Also... Hi. :3
    Eh, it's not exactly unexpected for someone of your age. At least you understand the problem at this point. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing to make your problems public, just the delivery must be measured and grounded.
    Haha, thanks. The beard is pretty much my trademark at this point. At least within my town it stands out a good deal.

    Judging by your forum posts, you seem to be doing a lot better recently, at least. There was period where your posts were rather worrying.
    I do sometimes worry whether someone will spot me, given that I have a distinctive appearance.

    Someone putting "furry" into google seems to never end well.
    I practically live there so it's a nice one for me. It's also one of the huge ones so it draws people from everywhere in the region--not as much as Anthrocon but still a good number.

    I don't think transportation is what would keep someone from going to such a con. If you know anyone there you can probably get a ride. In my case I don't own a car, but MFF is sitting on a train line. I'm guessing that, as a minor, your real troubles would lie elsewhere.
    Looking to stalk FAF people? I have no memory of who might have gone to that this year, although regionally speaking there's a lot of folks in the area. I'll probably just end up at MFF if anything.
    I'd not made any plans to. Not that I think that far ahead with such things. I just figured I knew exactly what that poster did wrong so I might as well verify it and post.

    Now I know where Tides lives.
    mos def, the skype name is mogmagog (full name is Aaron), email is gorb.gorbson@gmail.com

    I'm scrambling to finish a presentation here, so I probably won't be on until tomorrow or so. Also, rich man; wtf?
    I'll apparently check the Zombies thread six months or more too late. X3
    Sorry about that.
    Everythings been alright on my side of the monitor, I guess.
    How about you?
    Guess who exceeded his PM quota?
    Oh, I wonder what you've discussing all this time :3
    (A partly sarcastic comment, your privacy is your privacy).
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