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    Siberian Cupcakes (infinitely adorable domesticated foxes)

    all great and important questions! i'm glad you contributed today
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    What are your irrational fears?

    The dark, death, and occasionally planes.
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    Depressive/suicidal furries

    I will say this; it's not as common for them to be playing a card as you think. I have friends whose parents are not understanding about therapy, and they clearly have the symptoms for moderate anxiety, but as a result that anxiety seems much more disabling to them. they fall under that...
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    Depressive/suicidal furries

    I'll say a little bit and just get it off my chest now, while I'm feeling better. I hate myself quite a bit. Some times worse than others, like right now I'm in a good mood so while I do still feel that I hate myself, it isn't in any way an intrusive thought, more of an accepted fact. But when...
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    I crave your attention, notice me :P

    A bit yeah. It's mostly in the start of phrases, suggestive of the idea that you may still be getting used to making the physical/mental connection of "this is the note i will sing" Hm sounds like you have more of a bass range then.
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    I crave your attention, notice me :P

    So your voice sounds really good. Great tone, great warmth, a lot of style from what I can tell. I have one concern and will raise it in a question How much time do you sing to a drone? It sounds like you have a good enough ear that you can pick up on most of the distinct pitches, but most...
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    I'll take a day to ingest (haha, get it?...because it wasn't funny) these. I'm definitely curious

    I'll take a day to ingest (haha, get it?...because it wasn't funny) these. I'm definitely curious
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    I don't really know stoner rock. I know how to use it as an example >< I would be maaaaaaaaybe...

    I don't really know stoner rock. I know how to use it as an example >< I would be maaaaaaaaybe interested but bluh i dunno if it'd be my thing. I actually do really love super weird stuff. I don't justify pieces that weird for my own amusement, I really do love them. Regardless, I'll give it a...
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    Opinion on Furry Porn?

    I'm one of those weird people where that enjoyment actually surpasses the human equivalent. However, I realize that that isn't something that a lot of people would be...eh...receptive to, so I'm very private about it where I know there would be an undesired response. With someone who also...
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    The Best Ways to Pleasure Yourself

    i can't handle sleeping without clothes. I feel insecure and way less comfortable...i never ever sleep with a shirt, but always with some pyjamas i personally looooooooooooove sitting down in front of a piano and just making things up for an hour or two. if not that, pyjamas, bed, video games...
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    Hang Drum

    Ah yeah, I've searched for those things multiple times and every time it's harder to find. The production is really quite limited which is tough. They have such a warm sound though. It's lovely.
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    What is your height?

    ...this was much funnier to me than it should have been.
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    What is your height?

    6 foot around here that's arguably average, at least i've noticed that it's not particularly tall compared to the people i know although i'm surprised, i would tower over some people here i'd like to meet commie. someone that tall sounds extremely cool. i like people taller than me somewhat o:
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    About the Confessions Thread

    (warning, i didn't organize my thoughts too well so it jumps around a bit) I'm completely with Yago on the assessment of the situation (both GTWT and chat vs. forum), especially with the nature of archiving and the lack of a real time input...I used to use skype constantly, but I'm never on...