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    Canine head on resin base

    Whoa, this is beautiful!! I don't understand why you would want to redo it?? I think this looks great as it is, very colorful and adds character I especially enjoy the paint job you did on the eyes, they're very pretty!
  2. ExperiMUNt

    First foam head base critique

    Whoa man before you do anything else those ears should really be fixed. In all honesty I highly recommend you just go with a toony-head, as realistic heads don't have those giant eye-sockets. The symmetry seems very off on the right side, as you can see it is very far sloped down from the left...
  3. ExperiMUNt

    Commissions anyone?

    You can only get better by trying. You can't just suddenly make an extremely well head without it being done the first time. Make sure you look at a lot of online tutorials, asks tips from a lot of people who are experienced with head making, and just try to find your style in the process! Each...
  4. ExperiMUNt

    What animals best fit this description/my personality?

    I'd say a polar bear would suit you best!
  5. ExperiMUNt

    Warnings for making DTD's (Duct Tape Dummies)

    Does it really? I was recommended on using long-ongoing pieces of tape. I tried on not mking it too tight, but it is said to make it snug. I'll remember that next time when I do make another DTD if the other one gets too worn-out. Also wow do they EVER get hot.. 0
  6. ExperiMUNt

    Warnings for making DTD's (Duct Tape Dummies)

    So I've recently just finished making my first ever duct tape dummy, and it was neither an easy nor a fun process I'll tell you that. But my biggest warning to all of you out there who have not yet made a DTD yet but are is that you must work quickly! Reason being is that your feet and hands...
  7. ExperiMUNt

    Horrific fursuits (read OP)

    Actually in my personal opinion the first one you did wasn't too bad, but there could be VAST improvements. I don't understand why you put splotches of pink around the fur though??\ The second one you can already see you've changed like a hell lot, especially the ears. It's not a total...
  8. ExperiMUNt

    Mask plain bases

    If you want to buy really good resin blanks (the masks you have been talking about) go to Dream Vision Creations Etsy Store. They have a very wide selection of resin blanks, and are usually up to $100+
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    Meet in Memory of RedSavage

    I do not mean to sound rude or be disrespectful, but who is RedSavage?
  10. ExperiMUNt

    Garchomp, my first fursuit -- my plan of action! (looking for advice)

    Hey, thanks for the information! That was really good to know. Even though I've been sewing for a couple years, I've never been good at hiding the seams. So you hand sew the ladder stitch, or is the option found on your sewing machine?
  11. ExperiMUNt

    How do you sew fabric onto digigrate legs/padded body parts?

    Thank you so much for the help guys, it is SUPER appreciated. Right now I just finished off the concept work, and I should start working on it sometime next week. Do you think this is an alright concept for the digigrade legs? Or should there be adjustments?
  12. ExperiMUNt

    Garchomp, my first fursuit -- my plan of action! (looking for advice)

    Whoah, that is amazing!! This is also pretty inspirational to those who haven't ever built a full body suit/full costume, especially for this kind of complexity. Right now I'm trying to build my first full costume as well ;u; Can I ask what material you used, and how you hid those seems so...
  13. ExperiMUNt

    How do you sew fabric onto digigrate legs/padded body parts?

    Really? That's interesting to hear.. Thank you for your input, I'll keep that in mind. As for leaving the foam padding separate, do I need to make the legs more baggier for them to slide in easier, or more tight fitting?
  14. ExperiMUNt

    How do you sew fabric onto digigrate legs/padded body parts?

    I watched a few of them, but it seems like most of them have the padding glued or sewed with the fabric. It doesn't make too much sense, unless it's the pattern the maker made to give it that illusion?
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    How do you sew fabric onto digigrate legs/padded body parts?

    So the digi-padded legs and fabric are completely separate from each other then? I guess it does make sense, must make washing so much easier too. I'm actually going to be contrasting a Velociraptor suit, so the fabric will be fleece (unless I find something that is similar to scales so that way...