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    lesson learned thread

    I've learned that I can't sit and feel sorry for my problems all the time, and simply wish things were different. That's how I finally got off of my fat ass, went to the gym, lost some weight, met a guy, changed jobs, and became happier with my circumstances. I also learned that, if you want to...
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    I went to therapy very briefly after a crisis in my life. I stayed for two sessions, disliked it, and told myself I'd work the shit out on my own. I seem to have done pretty well, so perhaps I made the best decision?
  3. Explolguy

    The not so obligatory Co-Op Gamer Fails Thread.

    When New Super Mario Bros. Wii came out, my brother and I were psyched for that. Co-op Mario Bros.? Sign me right up. That goes well for about the first world. All of a sudden, someone threw a controller at someone else because you won't stop throwing them in the holes. Co-op my ass.
  4. Explolguy

    What accounts for "Rubbing it in People's Faces?"

    When you make it your entire life and find the need to tell everyone about it. Sure, I'm a furry, and if someone asks me about it I'll go, "Yeah, I am," and that'll be that. I'm not going to go around and make the fandom the focus of everything in my life ever and have some insatiable need to...
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    Age Thread 2013

    I'm 20, 21 come July 30.
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    What your getting for christmas.

    My mother has been bothering me for a wishlist, it feels weird since I've moved out and stuff, but I asked her for gift cards to a few different places. I know relatives are going to send me a bit of money too, so I'm hoping to buy myself a new GPS since someone stole mine earlier this year.
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    Anyone meditate?

    I usually have a fair amount of time to spare, so I'll probably give it a shot. Thanks for the heads-up.
  8. Explolguy

    How did you come up with your furry name?

    Recently made a fursona and its name is just my middle name because I couldn't think of a goddamn thing. Name obviously subject to change.
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    Anyone meditate?

    No, but one of my roommates has been bothering me to try it for while now. I kind of get the feeling I wouldn't enjoy it too much, but I suppose I can't know until I try. I'll probably accept his offer to go meditate with him one of these days.
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    What's the most desperate thing you've done for a date?

    why is everyone so mean : (((((
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    What's the most desperate thing you've done for a date?

    I tried faking interest in things that this girl I liked at the time was interested in. It worked for a while, but she caught on to the fact that I wasn't being completely honest about everything and broke off the relationship. Turns out, I like dudes anyway. What the fuck.
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    Shopping on Black Friday

    I like to use this thing called the internet to do all of my Black Friday shopping. That way I don't get mauled over that toy that just ran out of stock and THAT'S THE LAST ONE GIVE IT TO ME RIGHT NOW! Yeah, I'll go to Amazon, thanks.
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    Hugs or no hugs?

    How nobody knocked him out is beyond me.
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    Hugs or no hugs?

    Hugs generally make me uncomfortable unless it's a very close friend or family member. I dislike letting anyone else do it to me and will actively seek to avoid it. The only exception to that is a work situation (I'm a caregiver for developmentally disabled adults), where some of the clients I...