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    Seeking art for my draggo boi

    Hi! Currently I am running a sale on Chibis, and open for Derps! Chibis normally are 25$, are 15$ right now. Derps are 5$~! I LOVE drawing dragons and don't get nearly enough!!! Hope to hear from ya! Some stuff I've done: * ORIGINAL JOURNAL w/ INFO: www.furaffinity.net: $15 FULL COLOR...
  2. EzriArt

    $15 Chibi / $5 Derps LTO!

    $15 FULL COLOR CHIBI | $5 DERPS | Limited Slots Chibi * Derps: They won't be done right away but I will be working on them in between classes or at work in my down time as well as the few commissions I owe. PAYPAL ONLY COMMENT TO CLAIM (Best if you comment on the...
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    Thank you so much!

    Thank you so much!
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    A Shark Says CHOMP - I mean, Hello!

    Tysm ♥ I really appreciate that! Not many people like to leave comments anymore so I love it when people leave compliments like that. Thank you again and I hope to keep improving my work! Hai snek~! *boops the snoot* Thank you!!! God I love my shark. She's been my sona since 2013 and I love...
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    A Shark Says CHOMP - I mean, Hello!

    Hello to all of you fine people! I am Serge, I have actually been on FA for a long time, on and off for a while. I've had other aliases, known as: WinterSin, SkyfireXI, ElectricSerge, BlueSharkess, and AstralDreemurr. I've finally decided on a name and am sticking with it because I'm tired...
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    Show me your art improvement!

    I didn't really do anything in 2015 so I'm considering 14' and 15' the same. All this year. I can't tell you how PROUD I am of these, all of them. I had no idea I could paint (thank you college) and also the commission above (purple fox) came out LIGHTYEARS better than I could have EVER...
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    Characters/Adopts for Sale! & Taking 5 $20 Chibis!

    Hello guys, Just posting here to share that I have some character designs for sale that I'm not really wanting to hang on to. Most I'm willing to accept offers on, and maybe will do deals if you purchase multiple. You can find all of them in my dropbox here; Dropbox - Actually For Sale...