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    Minis terrain

    Can I get a link please? I tried looking about I came up with nada.
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    Minis terrain

    I didn't see any real place to put in about terrain so I put this here, I have just posted some terrain and would like feedback, if possible. I seem to be better at buildings and caverns, my only "exterior" terrain didn't come out so good, I had to toss it...
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    How furry are you?

    I'm so furry I refer to the entire human race in second person. i.e. instead of "People, just chill out, please!" it would be "Humans, just chill out, please!"
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    Choose your exicution!!

    either shoot with a mass acceleration cannon (a.k.a. railgun) or beaten to death with the carapaces of 31 abnormally large shrimp
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    How do you define yourself?

    Sorry but the poll it was my first. I will take it down in a few days use your suggestions and make a better one.
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    How do you define yourself?

    It's so big because those two poems touched my Scottish blood and I have the need to share them with everyone. Although I've seen way bigger sigs I can cut one if the mods want me to, although that would be a hard choice
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    World War 3

    I'll fight, just to much Scottish blood in my veins I guess.
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    How do you define yourself?

    How do you define your furrydom? Are you a human who longs to be a beast? Or an animal trapped in the form of man? Do you know? Or do you just like the artwork?
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    Public Furry or Private Furry (in RL)?

    not so much a furry radar, but the really keen furry can pick out a fellow furry due to body language, speech habits, and social interactions. Or just the fact some of us walk like predatory animals. :P
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    Public Furry or Private Furry (in RL)?

    Whenever I have a chance to make a new friend or even my coworkers I tell them I am fuury. If they can not accpet that then they are not the type of people that I wish to know. I've even helped a few people find out that they were furry in the first place.
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    I am reallying thinking about disowning my family.

    Those small problems are not a good reason to disown your family. Yes it it a good reason to get your own place but not to disown. A real reason a when you tell your parents that you are furry,dating across racial boundaries and/or gay and they completely hate the idea and they distance...
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    Would you have a furry child?

    I would in a heartbeat, I believe one does not "become a furry" or "Get turned on into furry lifestyle" it is in your soul, the untamed beast in your heart. It is the joyous pounding of your heart when you bask in the sun, run through the woods, or slink around in the shadows of night. It is the...
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    hi to everyone

    Greetings I am elated to be your first greeter, I am the Faceless Scribe chronicler of the ages. I welcome you to our humble home.
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    Woo, more fresh meat.

    Well as for CSI I will say at least they didn't completely insult them and made them look like psychos, at least they tried to portray furries as another fetish culture.
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    Angelic catguy appears from wherabouts unknown

    Then it should it should be posted in the rules themselves not in it's own post that is only it one category. If this is a iron clad or enforced rule it should be in the rules in the "Forum Rules" page or at least as a sticky in each category. I do not search post by post for rules I look for a...