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When I 1st visited furaffinity I thought I should make new friends and find that special someone and do some role playing with other furry friends! So anyway I like to take just hot showers catching up on my sleep when I get the chance, watching tv and being lazy! I don't like the hot cold rainy or wind weather! I only like it when it's just warm enough outside for the perfect weather! I don't like to be called rude names and I have a slight bit of a temper though! I like to listen to my kind of music sometimes and my fav. Shows are 1,000 ways to die, Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, Ridiculousness, CSI, CSI:Miam Law and Order: SVU, Boy Meets World, pokemon, Beyblade Metal Masters, Bakugan, and The 3 Stooges! I guess that implies with also watching tv! And I hope i get treated with respect and kindness on here! And I might ask some of you people some questions about furaffinity! I graduted from Taconic Hills High School in 2012 and I recently worked at Camp Mohegan as a staff member for sometime, but when I missed the deadline working I got a little upset not working there again! I'm also a little bit of a complainer to so don't make fun of me ok everyone!

Card collecting and collection beyblades
Copake NY
Fur Affinity Page
No way!
Don't have one


FADFRANKIE I go by Frank Bailey, Frankie, Renamon or Joel Calley from the concessioncomic or FADFRANKIE!


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