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    Overrated and Underrated Opinions

    In what way are they underrated??? Is that some fox trick to confuse me? Overrated: cheap lolipops Underrated: candy corn
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    I'm secretly a reptilian, and pretend I'm a rat online to gain the trust of rodents. So I guess I'm catfishing them. Or, should I say, ratfishing? I wonder what a ratfish would look like... And what it taste like, does it taste like rodent? Not a vore thing, just food to me. Like the no homo...
  3. Faexie

    Art Critique!!

    I find it pretty difficult to get that kind of wiggle to look natural, you did an awesome job!
  4. Faexie

    I was gone for a long while before that actually ^^' I'm back though!

    I was gone for a long while before that actually ^^' I'm back though!
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    What has your SO/relationship taught you?

    Things I learned about myself: -I'm good at making people feel safe to open up -I don't have to do things I'm uncomfortable with for people to love and respect me -I'm much more awesome than I think I am Things I learned about relationships: -You're always going to need to put your needs above...
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    My latest project

    Though some centaur costumes actually have moving legs! It's cool to see more unusual types or fursuits btw :)
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    Why the hate on bronies?

    I think most people don't really care nowadays. The hate ussed to be very strong, at first because the brony fandom was rejecting gender roles by liking a little girls' show, but later on they were disliked because they were EVERYWHERE and too many of them took it too seriously. Now I think...
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    Question for those with a latex allergy

    Did some research, and I think it's not really that risky for me to use latex foam. All the sources I saw said that direct contact is needed to cause a reaction, unless it comes from powdered gloves since the powder can get onto clothes and in the air and such. It's extremely unlikely for...
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    Question for those with a latex allergy

    In my quest towards more eco-friendly fursuit materials, I discovered that natural latex foam seemed to be a good alternative. Though, some people are allergic to that. So I was wondering, if the latex is covered in fur or fleece, is it still dangerous? I wouldn't want to cause someone a...
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    No... Please, no... (serious)

    The fandom is primarily internet-based and since it creates it's own content it's going to last quite a long time. It's already old as heck and stil shows signs of growing instead of dying. Maybe some cons have been hurt and would be smaller next time, but that's not death that's recovery
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    Rate my fursona (be honest and brutal if needed)

    Love it. I have a thing for characters with an overall dull color scheme with some vibrant highlights
  12. Faexie

    I need help fixing my Sona

    Maybe a shark fin style mohawk could look good? And since artists drawing the face too round bothers you, maybe giving him more angular traits would work?
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    Making my first head

    Eye mesh you mean? I don't really know about brands, but I personally use stitch weave www.furaffinity.net: buckram alternative by Ramona.Rat Thightly woven buckram is pretty commonly used too. Any brand will probably be fine
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    Surfing furries?

    I think you would need a skin thight suit with short fur and a resin head, with no padding on the body (unless it's made of non absorbant materials like silicone). Skintight suits cost a fortune though because 4 way stretch fur is really pricey