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  • I'm indifferent about them throwing him in there. I've always liked monsters, so it's likely I'd have been interested in playing it even without Spyro. I should also add that they used Spyro to teach kids about the character's existance, NOT to attract old Spyro fans. ...However, I'll say that SSA at least shows that ToysForBob played the original games when making Skylanders, as there are references all over the place. Flynn is a reference to the balloonists from the first game, as are the sheep and Persephone. The cowering Cyclops in the Crystal Eye Castle stage are also a throw back. T-Bone is arguably based off of Mr. Bones from Spyro 2 and 3. There might be more, but not off the top of my head.
    Okay, at first I thought "Oh please, that is SOOO sarcasm," but after I read it afterward I was like "Eeeh, maybe not."

    I'm actually a pretty big Spyro Fan. I remember playing the Spyro games as a kid. But honestly, I disagree. I think Skylanders is actually rather enjoyable in it's own right, and I actually don't mind Spyro's new redesign. Is it as good as the original trilogy? Eeeeeh, I wouldn't go that far, but I still like Skylanders. That's just me, though.
    Considering I actually LIKE things that are anthro related, obviously I AM a real furry.

    Surely you could think of five decent anthro related things? How about three? Two? One?
    You're not a furry! You're just pretending to be one if you can't even think of five anthro-related things that are decent.
    Humans and non-anthros can be used for vore as well, not just anthro characters. (Regardless, I don't really get vore.)

    But you guys act like something automatically SUCKS just for having anthro characters.
    Huh, I've been ignoring it rather easily, to be honest.

    So you're just going to try and make the reputation even WORSE instead of trying to help the fandom's reputation? Why? Just... why?

    You guys act like you despise ANYTHING involving anthro-characters, though.
    Meh. Still, I don't think it's fair to judge the entire fandom just because a percentage of furries lower than 100% are into that.
    Can you please explain the video? I don't have the bandwidth to watch big videos on my crappy satellite internet. That, and I'm too afraid to watch it in case it's meant to be insulting like I'm expecting it to be.
    Hey I added a bunch to my main check it out and let me know what you think, please?
    What about the ability to time travel? or maybe talk to computers as if they were alive?
    Sorry if that question was ill-received, it just surprises me when anything is near this area of the country, especially furries!
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