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  • I picked up a few back in the sixties that I won't even say aloud. There were a few from the fifties but they don't make any sense anymore! Yea I know Eisenhower was president when I was born, I know! Old guys! Sheesh!
    NO, no.. its a pun! Gnarly! i even use the word..Nifty! It must be an old guy thing.
    So, have you decided what happens after the Waffle is on the bench breathing?
    Say, what would you think of a story involving gay romance and racing? I've got me a nice idea
    Hehe I like all dragons. Except Chinese ones-like big flying snakes with whiskers. I still like them but.....not as much.
    Can you read a .doc file? If so I can put it on the main page and give you a link?
    I understand! but the story has gotten several pages long. Would you like it or should I just hit the delete? I can send it you somehow or post it on the main or something?
    The other day on some thread or another you got me to start a story about how the waffel came to life. that story has grown (a lot!). Would you like to have it? It is a SCI-FI sort of thing about the origins of an anthro waffel?
    I was not saying anything bad! i did not realize it sounded that way. I appreciate the Falaffel!
    Reminds me of the bets some men take of the most outrageous thing they can say when making love with their girlfriends.

    'That'll do pig, that'll do'
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