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  1. Falaffel

    Hello furs!

    I looked through the whole thread for whalecum until I realized you were just saying welcome. Fuck me.
  2. Falaffel

    New here, please take care of me!

    My sona is a waffle. That's what they're talking about.
  3. Falaffel

    Any other websites I can post my stories on?

    Sofurry, furfag (is that still alive?), and a couple others I'm forgetting.
  4. Falaffel

    New here, please take care of me!

    Oh yeah, I was a ghost huh?
  5. Falaffel

    Hey all

    Oi, I remember you. Welcome back to fiction land: The internet!
  6. Falaffel

    What is this place for?

    I've noticed that my son (I guess his name ills Falafel) has been coming here quite often. He won't tell me what it is so I figured I might ask the users themselves. I haven't used a forum before so sorry if this is an inconvenience.
  7. Falaffel

    New here, please take care of me!

    Settings > Avatar. (left hand side under my profile)
  8. Falaffel

    New here, please take care of me!

    Hello, welcome, welcome! What Toraneko said. Hope you'll enjoy it here.
  9. Falaffel

    Unpopular Opinions

    Didn't eastern come before western?
  10. Falaffel

    What did you wear today!

    A FaF shirt. I like to express to the world how much I hate myself.
  11. Falaffel

    Your fictional character crush

    Picture was working when I posted it :I I dunno wha happen.
  12. Falaffel

    Your fictional character crush

    Breast logic? or..? Oh my, you're right.
  13. Falaffel

    Your fictional character crush

    This is amazing art ._. Also fucking DA watermark. as for crush, or might I say "What fictional character did I fap to last wednesday" Geecku. As a note, it was really fucking hard to find a sfw picture. I am such a bad person :I Also, fuck you, reptilian breasts are awesome.
  14. Falaffel

    Wondrous World of Scarves

    Neck accessories are normally overlooked even though THEY SO GUD :3c Scarfs just work on anthros really well for whatever reason. I fucking love it when I see a character with one on.
  15. Falaffel

    So. Non-furries... Yeah, you.

    Oh... Well... Yeah, then you're right. Also I joined because I wanted to explore the place. I learned it was pretty awful but I stick through it.... FOR whatever reason.