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  • Nope.
    I think the quote originated from the bible, but it's pretty widely used in literature / TV / games.
    I looked it up, "Quatch" is a word used to express disagreement. Kind of like us saying "Bullshit!" It's funny how in German and many other languages, if you misspell a word, you end up with a totally different word. Not quite the case in english. o:
    Ja, aber mein deutsch ist nicht sehr gut, ich bin nur zu lernen. Ich kann sie nur gelesen, nicht sprechen. (Which is to say, not as well as I'd like to)
    There are tons of studies and literature out there (and lots done by nutritionists/doctors) to support a veg*n diet. If it is of concern to your folks, sit down with them and these texts. And (though you should do this anyway) get a blood test to see if you have any abnormalities.
    I have been a vegan for over three years now, but prior to that I was a vegetarian for seven. So, 10 years total (going onto the 11th) of vegetarianism. :)
    Left the reply on the tread so that others would know as well. Thank for replying though. Mayhaps we will have future conversations? Feel free to ask anything. I have nothing to hide.
    vaguely recognise the name, I'm afraid. Guess I need to go more often if I want to get to know people there
    Basingstoke bowling meets? yea, I go to them on occasion, go to uni in the area and still pop down over the summer when I'm bored.
    That's really the nature of things, isn't it? I've found that the good people I've met have outweighed the bad, because it's relatively easy to just ignore the negative elements. I think that's the way it goes in most matters, really.
    Certainly. I've been consistently impressed by your posts.
    How have you been enjoying your time on these forums thus far?
    I've actually never made one before. Someone showed me a pretty good scalemate pattern, which I assume is the most popular one out there. I'm guessing that's why is might look familiar, heheh.
    i remember when there was a HUGE train accident here in germany. over 200 people died. but one boy survived. everyone called it a miracle and that god protected that boy.
    so let me get this straight... a miracle is when god lets 200 people die and protects one single person? :p
    and what about those who die during or after surgery? or because of cancer? and why does god heal some people and not others? and why has not one single amputee gotten his limbs back from god?
    god is either very inconsistent or a sadistic prick! XD

    and no, i cant draw at all. i limit myself to model building^^
    instead of honoring the people who managed to come up with all that just shrug and say "meh, god gave us that knowledge!"... its sad and its unfair.

    stuff that is appealing to lots of people spreads quickly. and christianity is especially appealing because it offers you a reward for loyalty to a higher power, which is something that humans always want. we want to be loyal, we need someone who is in charge. and in that regard christianity has probably the easiest concept.
    that aspect makes it easy for people to overlook how flawed and immoral it really is. and it spawns all sorts of crazy folks who try to come up with weird arguments to support it. like the watchmaker argument (probably my favorite one to debunk :p), the "argument of the first cause" and so on and so forth. and none of them make any sense^^ they essentially fail at the same thing: they assume that everything needed a creator, except for god. so essentially all of these arguments boil down to special pleading.
    that is very true...
    and i dont want people to stop believing. you cant really stop them anyway, its their "favorite toy" as hitch put it. i simply want them to accept scientific facts instead of believing what is most comfortable for them. because evolution and scientific evidence can be a very beautiful and elegant thing!
    but the worst part about all this, and i fully agree with richard dawkins here, is that teaching this nonsense to kids is child abuse. you completely extinguish their curiosity with it and you teach them that it is perfectly fine just to accept stuff and be gullible instead of actually trying to find out the answer by yourself.
    but you got the comma right! that is something that even most german people have problems with :p
    that was pretty good!^^ the only mistake was that "Sie" is written with a capital letter when you formally address a person :3
    Hey thanks for the welcome message!! :p
    I'm excited to get more involved with FA!
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