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  • Well, that doesn't sound too fun (the too wet part). At least the others were good though :D
    Horror. Haven't decided what precise kind of horror, but horror nonetheless. It involves highly gruesome transformations (think The Thing) coupled with psychological confusion and a bit of dark humour thrown in. It's still in its prototype stages, so I can't say much else.
    You drew that? I didn't know you were an artist, let alone a really good one (which, judging from that picture, you are).
    Of course you're afraid of them. They want you to be afraid of them. That's the genius behind it.

    I'm no vegetarian; I find chicken tastes way too good for me to give it up. I don't eat other types of meat that much, though.
    Primarily because they're underused, but I also possess a grudging respect for Wasps. They have a habit of avenging of the deaths of their relatives should you kill any, which is why I refrain from killing them. I also think Fish look cool.

    I don't get what you mean by "furry" in this sense. If you mean furry as in literally covered in fur, then no, they're not furry.
    I tell you something, I have trouble sticking to a certain species. I may appear to have been a Honey Badger all this time, but beneath the surface i've been all sorts of things; Fish, Wasp, Lizard, Horse. Of course, I don't think there's any rule that says you must stick to a certain species, I just have a personal obligation to remain consistent.
    I tell you something, i'm amazed by your conclusions about people's choices of species. They make so much sense! (No, i'm not being sarcastic)
    I imagine they might travel those thousands of light years and do something so subtle as messing with our crops, precisely because of how much interstellar lulz we cause.
    It's a tough call asking the world to care about its own real problems, when we're so busy creating our own ones with cash and trying to solve them by seperating and dividing the populus.
    Heya bud.

    Cheers for the comment on apathy. A whole lot more of it needs to be more properly distributed, it seems. :u
    Who said that "sausages on legs" had to be obese?

    But, on another species-related topic; in fiction featuring anthropomorphic animals, or what resemble them at least, why is that reptiles are always the bad guys?
    Well mosty people who have squirrel fursona/characters have the usual red or grey, I just decided to A: be different B: use my fave color! :)
    Yeah, same here: the only person who knows about my furry-ness aside from furries is my best friend. Then again, people are rather prejudiced, so maybe it's a good idea.
    I know. I was expecting roughly the same, as there are only a few furs in the UK- at least in NI.

    Also, thanks for the info!
    Your words have inspired me to want to work on art again. Hmm is it odd to not want to draw due to not having any artist or furry friends?
    Hm whats biro art? Havent heard of it before. I also need to study art.more, but I get far at a loss on finding subject matter when it comes to that.. And it seems too easy at times to draw.
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