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  • Ah that sounds quite true. Ya know, I havent completed a piece in 10 years, because thats how long Ive been under this mindbset. Is that crazy?
    Hm, really? Well I can't seem to find a way to get over it. >< People often say when you're stuck on something, just push through it anyway- but I find art to be on a far different level than that and much deeper. It's not like I'm a bad artist, I'm actually quite good, but I'm about to quit bothering with art as a whole-- it'a very frustrating to me.
    You know what I haven't seen at all around here? Pigs (literal pigs, not metaphorical ones). I honestly don't know why.
    Hey, pretty cool how we're both in the UK!

    Also, I'm afraid I actually haven't heard of it- Earth Rio is just an old nickname of mine, using the Spanish word for 'river'.
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