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    The Big Questions (Religion, Ideology, etc) Thread.

    I voted Pagan, Other or F**ck you im a Dragon!. why? well, im not realy a pagan, nor am i a dragon (dragons rule tough), and i am other becouse i dont think i like pie is an option for me (i do like pie tough). I dont realy have a believe, i DO beleve in reincarnation, ghosts...
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    Do You Consider Yourself Anthro or Furry?

    Both actualy. Im a furry and an anthromorphic
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    It's my B-Day

    Happy Birthday to my fellow Scorpio! :D And now i know another who's birthday is also on the 17th! :P
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    Birthday :D

    thnx :D all!
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    Scalies or Furries?

    Well, we have on right here ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ no, not me :P
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    MSN Party

    I might be online sometimes, feel free to talk to me :) unrealcarlo@msn.com
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    Scalies or Furries?

    Well, my own fursona is a furry, but i have some fictional Scalie characters. And there is almost no t-shirt in my closet that does NOT contain a dragon picture on it:P. So i love both of them.
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    Birthday :D

    whoa! Thanks all, just have to sleep another night but now i have a good excuse to drink some with you guy's :P *hugs all* ps...there will be cake!
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    Birthday :D

    JEAH!!!, I'll turn 19 comming fryday the 17th!!!:P. If anyone would like to give me a good birthday hug your welcome! :D Greets from you resident forum Lion Faukx!
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    So your little brother's a furry...

    All my friends know im a furry, my little brother knows it to and they all know about the whole fandom around it. My parents and grandparents know i love drawing anthro art, but they just love my drawings. the also heared the word furry and furconvention a fwe times while we had a role-play...
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    <Generic Introduction Subjectline>

    Welkome!, Faukx The lion greets you. *slaps Blitz* Its good to have more feline in here! *purrs*
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    Voting furries

    i didn't vote, but im glad the republicans lost. Down with Bush! srry, am not a Bush fan. And indeed, democrasy does not alway's work. we have elections the upcoming week. anything wil be better then the current Minister President we have now :P
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    Hell Just Boiled over, what do you do?

    Dig my swords and steel plate armour out of the ruble (yes i do have that stuff in real life) and find others to...wel...find other people. and find my friends and members of our swordfighting assosiation. And wel, a little bit of Down of the dead would be cool. Just trying to stay alive.
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    Ehm, i have been on furcadia for a while. but i didn't like it. But furry and rpg is still a good combi
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    Summer's End...

    *rrrrr* cold... Atleast i can dress warm :D, and more hugging to keep eachother warm ;)