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  • Hey, the comic thread reminds me, what ever happened to that awful thing that seppy/wac commissioned from you at AC?
    Heh, it's a nice way to phrase "none o' that bullshit, just apologise"~
    Yah, things are sorted out now - thanks for reminding me to focus on actually saying the sorries. There's still a hole in a door I'll need to fix, but at least erryone's feeling better. Me included, really.

    How's the grad student stuff coming along? Hope you're not being taken too much for granted.
    We got stressed and there's been tension for a while, I ended up calling her materialistic and entitled and, uh, punched a hole in a door. Hand's a bit fucked but I'm more worried about her feelings tbh.
    Quick tip for getting back in a girl's good books? RE my recent comment, I really need to make up with my sister. >_<
    I found a job as an auditor a while ago; it's decent, but one project at a time is enough... and I've been handed three, all of which are behind deadlines. I've been working sequential midnights for weeks - it's unpleasant, and I think some of that stress is leaking out. It'd be enough to make me quit, but I can't, so I'm just sort of... coping.
    How are you feeling, girl?
    You're not a masochist, but you seem to be trying to emulate Atlas. Something up?
    I've only heard legends of you, but thank god you're back. This forum needs more awesome, level headed people.
    I noticed whenever you try hosting a Mafia game, not a lot of people sign up. There is a forum I frequently go to where the mafia community is very active. Would you be interested in joining?
    Hey Fay,
    Could you be so kind to controle this commission sheet and see if it meets standards for getting into the commissionlist-sticky post?

    Thank you and have a good day!

    *hands you the title of Countess of Northern Georgia (the state, not the country)*
    "I see," said the blind man as he picked up the hammer and saw. Sorry, something I picked up from my parents.
    You think that was a small number? Shit, you should see the Mafia games I hosted.
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