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  • Sorry for that post, i didnt realize that was advertising. I am really sorry, i wont do it again.
    honestly i'd probably save it in my pictures and never see it again. either way, if it isn't something you want to put out to the public then no worries
    didn't have any plans. you don't have to if you won't want to.
    i'm in the market for a larger resolution cthulhu fox picture. any tips?
    i know--and now i know i need to chill out a bit when playing the vidya. i didn't know i yelled so much. ;u;

    it was fun though even if i am hellaciously hung over still. xc
    Methinks one of your sig egg things just hatched into this awesome looking robot thing.
    Such rules aren't posted in the forum rules list, as such there should be a warning via note to the poster to allow the correction of the behavior before closing the thread. That's just common courtesy.
    "You could make a new thread IF it were focused on custom content for commissioners."
    As the title of the tread said I was offering custom content in the form of sketches and/ speed paint busts, if people bought something from my stores. This is an unusual form of "commission" but never the less people would be paying me and getting custom art, as such it is commissioning and not just advertising. The new content is in the form of promotions (which artists do as well). If you tell me this should be done in a new thread each time, I can accept that. If you tell me this can't be done then I'll have to say that, to be fair, you'll have to close a lot of other threads and not only mine (just to prove your friend right).
    Ohoho, we do have fun now don't we? Listen, you have yourself a Merry Christmas and one of those Happy New Year things I heard about~
    Hello I don't know if you can help me. I cannot post on threads nor send private messages here on the forums. I apparently can post visitor messages though. Thanks if you can help.
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