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Fay V
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  • Ahhh, I thought I noticed something different about your name. Congrats! :3
    geez your name is so shiny now... the normal mod color is so boring D:
    Ooh cool :3
    So you'll be the second admin I'm watching.
    The takeover is almost complete, huh?
    But I am confused, for you do not show up as a site admin on the site :/
    About the Werewolf game, I know the real life variant offers a chance for the top two potential lynch volunteers to defend themselves, is that going to happen here too?

    I have a question - in a recent thread in Off-topic, a few FAFers and I had the idea of making a thread in off-topic to encourage some kind of "christmas gift circle" for FAFers. The idea is mostly finalised right here. But the thing is, while it's a good thread for good purposes, it's one of those threads that could do with a bit of mod protection/treatment and looking after as it goes on, just like Adventures of FAF. I'm gonna open it tommorow I guess (1st Dec). What do you guys think? o: Any answer appreciated!

    Also happy christmas! :3c
    your avvy incites many simultaneous d'awws and lulz. i absolutely love it, and the suit itself to boot. just thought youd ought to know
    I will bear that in mind. Have you ever made something that is essentially covered in armour plating?

    My goal is to design a necron costume, and possibly a dragon shard costume as well if it becomes feasible. At the moment, i was just researching techniques and materials. :)
    Ah, I see. Just wondering, because I intend to make a costume of my own at some point and was looking for research.

    Thanks. :)
    "Hey it's Ley. Obviously. BUT. I was a) asleep while this was up and b), while CC I do appreciate this and while I did feel like shit last night, I never asked for it. No, I'm not butthurt that there's a lot of 'I don't give a fuck threads', and what I was ranting about was stupid and miniscule to begin with. I should be able to deal with my own personal shit myself and it was dumb of me to try to seek advice and stuff where for all intents and purposes, I'm generally unheard of.

    So NO, I never look for sympathy, and NO, I won't be talking to anyone about it because like I'd said, 'nevermind just fuck it, I'll deal with it on my own', and three... uh. I think that's it. I was just ranting about the medication, my outlook, how much I hated myself and just general unimportant Teenage bullshit.

    So, I'm sorry for the uproar I obviously caused and I won't be bothering with it again."

    Thanks Fay, it means a lot.
    Hey Fay, this might be a bit stupid but I just found CCs thread he made about me (I was offline and had no idea about it). I just wanted to ask if I could maybe like, say something and you'd like, put my quote in the thread? Just.. I dunno, wanting to defend myself that I never asked for that

    Though it's a bit silly I guess to want to defend myself on FAF when a majority of users genuinely don't /care/, but I dunno. Just curious if you would be able to do that..
    Congratulations! Do not use your philosofangs on me. Incidentally, should you ever use 'philosofangs' in a sentence I will be forever yours~
    No, you get all the critique. Academia ain't got time for playin' at being nice. Though seeing as I study something completely different don't expect anything groundbreaking. Have you got any word back on it btw?
    whether truth or dare, none can say for sure. Also hey I finally got the time to give your thesis a read. EXPECT COMMENTS.
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