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  • Oh man.. I'm gonna die. Literally. Like, when I look at that picture for to long I die from brain cancer.Jk Jk and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, so I'll be stronger... yey.
    ahhhh so awesome! feel free to upload so EVERYONE can have foxtopus on their background
    I should try to make a wiki page for it and see how long they leave it up :V

    Anyhow, FEEL FREE TO USE THE PROFILE STUFF in the off chance you draw another one
    I was going to post something, then just sat there watching your sig for a while instead.

    Well if you scoured Ebay and the like, you'd find them for sure! I got mine off of amazon. :3c After I'm done with Red Dwarf, I think I'll go for another classic - Only Fools and Horses!
    You've seen all of them? I'm so jealous. D: When I was little, I was reeaaally lucky to catch an episode on TV, and I've only seen a few, but I've loved all of them! But now, I own the DVDs! :D I've just watched seasons 1-4, and I'm waiting for a few more in the mail. :3c Eee-

    I probably should be watching them online, but I just love owning the DVDs. They're starting to get a bit rare, sooo... :p
    Do it do it do it do it.

    Also it amazes me to see someone from the US who knows Red Dwarf! :D Here I was thinking all of our shows are impossible to find outside the UK. :p
    Don't lock it! If it remains open we can still be the voice of reason. If it gets locked not only are they silenced but we are as well.
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