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Fay V
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  • Uhm.

    What happened to the AUP/TOS discussion subforum?

    This is what I get for leaving my house. >:[

    Edit: Nvm, found out what/why.
    Norfolk eh? It is a nice place. Crabbing is fun too.
    I liked Australlia. Went to Melbourne and found AC/DC lane by chance.
    I can has unban from the tinychat? You banned me before I could have closed my own video feed. :V I was also using the new chat beta too, hence, why you couldn't close it. lol
    Were you serious about wanting the mature filter toggle button thingy? Because I can link you to it if you're using firefox and have greasemonkey.
    Oh man-- you actually went ahead and used Smelges' foxtopus idea.

    You should fix your location and species

    It's bugging me
    oh i didnt reolize that telling people im streaming is not allowed sorry, i should have another read through the rules. but thanks for telling me ^^
    But it was scary and rabid. It wasn't very friendly looking.

    I'm sorry I just pointed out the obvious and used bad grammer.
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