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    Anyone here into birdwatching?

    I more just like to see *any* animals, but birds are the ones I see a whole lot more than any others. Last week I was at a lake watching a blue heron catch fish. ^u^ I might not be specifically looking for birds, but I do enjoy watching them, especially when it's a species I've never seen before.
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    I'm a rabbit

    Oh, another rabbit! I'm also a rabbit. ^u^ seems to be a species that's somewhere between a common choice and not so common.
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    Fursona Trading Cards??

    I have no idea how a rarity system would work for this. Popularity? Complexity of the art used for the card? Something entirely different? Would there have to be a group of people making "official" cards so that there aren't way more rare cards than common, or confusing tiers of rarity? Would...
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    Curious Observer Here: What is the Furry Fandom? [CLOSED]

    Aw, I'm sure your rabbit is adorable! ^u^ As for colors, there's a lot of reasons people choose certain palettes. I chose a more natural palette just because I felt like it fit and looked better. But, someone might want a dream like character, so they might use pastels, or maybe they want a...
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    Fursona Trading Cards??

    I've never been to a con but that sounds like it would be a fun little thing. People should make that a thing. Just like, an image of their sona with their species and maybe some other info and a little bio about them?
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    Curious Observer Here: What is the Furry Fandom? [CLOSED]

    It's always nice to see someone with genuine curiosity rather than negativity towards furries. 1) When did you join the Furry Fandom, and why? Did anyone introduce you to the fandom? I really only became familiar with the term "furry" In high school, and it was only during my senior year, so...
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    Your "zodiac sona" ?

    Ohh, I just assumed "mix" meant literally mixing colors together and that's it. I ended up basically redoing all the colors and changing a few other things, and I think it's better this time. Although, I didn't mess with those settings much other than just turning them on. My laptop could barely...
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    Your "zodiac sona" ?

    It's not really a character at the moment, but more of just a design, I guess? Pretty much just slapped it together without a ton of thought. ^^' I might turn the design into a character though. After I make the colors work better together, anyway. The wings & tail added to the rest which is...
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    Your "zodiac sona" ?

    Hm. What to do with a ram and a dragon? Something interesting I found while looking for dragon-y inspiration is that the elements change through the cycle, and for me, I landed on a metal year for dragon. Aries' element is fire, so I've got a sheep, a dragon, fire, and metal. Someone better at...
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    Request: Shark color palette suggestions

    It all looks alright like that to me. I wouldn't make the grey a whole lot darker or the contrast may be distracting from the overall design. There's not much else I can think of, but I still think messing around with the colors to find what looks best to you might be helpful.
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    Request: Shark color palette suggestions

    In my opinion it depends a lot on how those colors are used, and what type of look you want. I'd say just mess around with the shades until you're happy with it. I don't know what the character looks like so I can't give anything more specific.
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    Free Art: Looking for OCs to draw!

    Hey there! Maybe this bunny would be interesting enough to draw? :) https://toyhou.se/7980114.faye Her personality and ref are both in there. And no worries if you don't draw her ^u^
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    Free Art: OPEN Looking 4 mostly Female Characters/Sonas to draw (SFW&NSWF) 0/4 Female Slots 0/2 Male Slots

    https://toyhou.se/7980114.faye/gallery I'd rather it not be explicitly nsfw for her, but suggestive or mildly nsfw things are fine. ^u^ I'm really not sure about a pose, but I'm very impatient for spring so maybe something spring related? Or even summer. :) Multicharacter is perfectly okay, but...
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    Happy valentines day free sketch!!!!

    If it's not too late would you be willing to do my main? https://toyhou.se/7980114.faye/gallery Completely fine if not ^u^
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    Cool extinct lads

    Thylacoleo, the "marsupial lion" was not actually related to lions, but but sort of looks as if it were, if you ignore those really weird teeth. They were similar to thylacines, in terms of being predatory marsupials, but I have no idea if they were closely related. Thylacoleo went extinct long...