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    The Night Lurkers Thread

    I couldn't imagine living in a high crime area. I'd be constantly on edge. Actually, I can't even imagine living in a normal sized town. The biggest place I lived had/has a population of about 700, and now I live in the middle of crop fields on a gravel road. ^^' The tiny town I lived in is...
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    The Night Lurkers Thread

    I love nighttime walks. But I can only go on them if I'm staying at someone else's house. I mean, I could go walk at night where I live, but it's kind of the middle of nowhere so it's super dark and kinda eerie, especially alone.
  3. FayeBunny

    The Night Lurkers Thread

    I sleep a lot, too much actually, but most of it takes place in the daytime. Mostly because I currently don't have a job and I'm not in any sort of school, so maintaining a decent sleeping schedule isn't at the top of my priorities. I try, but I have a hard time going to sleep before 11pm...
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    Knowing your partner's real name

    I'd guess a lot of people would consider someone's legal name to be their real name. For various reasons, not everyone uses their legal name in everyday life. I'd consider any name that someone uses, or wants to use, consistently in their everyday life to be their real name. Personally, I don't...
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    Post something odd about you!

    I collect bones. And feathers, but I have to be careful about what feathers I pick up cause there's a lot of bird protection laws and I don't want to be in possession of illegal bird parts. I also have loose joints, particularly in my knees and hips, but shoulders are pretty bendy, too. Nothing...
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    Let's Play a Game: Fursona Stereotypes

    Just a rabbit here I don't really know any frog stereotypes but most frog sonas I've seen (which is not very many) have been pretty tropical-themed with a lot of bright colors.
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    I need to practice!

    Dunno if you're still looking for characters to draw but here's one if you are. : ) Th gallery Your style is adorable, and I'm sure anyone who gets something will be very happy with it
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    Free Art: (Closed for now) Please help me practice!

    Hey there! I don't know if you're still accepting requests, but if you are I've got one you could try. :) Th gallery link. If you aren't, just let me know.
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    What temperature are you most comfortable at?

    Different situations call for different temperatures, but I generally prefer warmer temps than most people I know. Mostly because I'm underweight and I have a low body temp. If I'm just sitting around doing nothing, then around 75F/24C is most comfortable for me, but I can handle the 85F/29C -...
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    [CLOSED] Sacrifice your Sonas [3/3]

    I'd like to submit my sona if it isn't too late. I meant to do this a couple days ago, but I kept forgetting. ^^' This is such a nice thing to do, and seems like a win for everyone involved!
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    Free Art: Looking For Characters To Experiment With [CLOSED]

    Ah, sorry, I meant to hit preview but I hit post, so I deleted my post. ^^' She's timid and jumpy, but generally very sweet. There's more information on her toyhouse page, too. I'm not looking for anything in particular, so feel free to do anything you'd see as fitting. Thanks for the chance :)
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    Anyone here into birdwatching?

    I more just like to see *any* animals, but birds are the ones I see a whole lot more than any others. Last week I was at a lake watching a blue heron catch fish. ^u^ I might not be specifically looking for birds, but I do enjoy watching them, especially when it's a species I've never seen before.
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    I'm a rabbit

    Oh, another rabbit! I'm also a rabbit. ^u^ seems to be a species that's somewhere between a common choice and not so common.
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    Fursona Trading Cards??

    I have no idea how a rarity system would work for this. Popularity? Complexity of the art used for the card? Something entirely different? Would there have to be a group of people making "official" cards so that there aren't way more rare cards than common, or confusing tiers of rarity? Would...
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    Curious Observer Here: What is the Furry Fandom? [CLOSED]

    Aw, I'm sure your rabbit is adorable! ^u^ As for colors, there's a lot of reasons people choose certain palettes. I chose a more natural palette just because I felt like it fit and looked better. But, someone might want a dream like character, so they might use pastels, or maybe they want a...