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    Art Trade: Practice makes perfect?

    I'm interested! Could we dm? :D
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    Tarotrickster's Newbie Art Giveaway!

    How about my werewolf?
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    Trying some requests for free [CLOSED]

    Ah, I'm interested but it looks like I'm too late >.<
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    Request: Looking for art to help develop these characters!

    I'm looking for art of three designs that I hope to further develop into characters I can use. I only have rough designs for them but I've made notes on how I'd like them changed. First is a rhino character. He's an army jock type dude. Here's another example of him, but he shouldn't be drawn...
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    Request: Looking for art of my 'sona!

    Oh wow this looks awesome!! Thank you so much :D
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    Request: Looking for art of my 'sona!

    I'm looking for some more art of my wolf 'sona! Some people have pointed out that I don't have too many examples so I'm hoping to fix that. Here's his reference sheet: Feel free to draw him however you like! If you just want to draw a few expression headshots, that would be great too! He also...
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    Give me some NSFW requests

    I'm interested in a request! Are you willing to draw transformation? A drawing of the "after" is perfectly fine!
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    Looking to take request

    I'm interested! Can I PM you?
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    Will Write about ANYTHING

    Mind if we discuss in PMs?
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    Will Write about ANYTHING

    Ooh, I'd be interested in a story if you're still offering them!
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    Anyone know any good bara human artists?

    (No idea where this should go so I just put it here) I'm trying to find some decent bara/muscle human artists. Seeing as human artists are rare on FA I figured I'd ask around and see if anyone knows of any good ones on FA/DA/etc. I'm primarily looking for trades as I can't really afford...
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    I wanna draw things.

    Would you be interested in drawing my werewolf character? Alex (Werewolf Form) on Toyhouse Only thing to note is that he should not be drawn looking monstrous since he has full control of his wolf side. As for the three words, how about night, nature, and serious?
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    GFX for art?

    So here's the deal: I've decided that instead of running around looking for freebies all the time I'll give back to the community by doing some trades! Sadly I can't draw, but I can offer some cool GFX work in exchange for art! What is GFX? It's graphic art. Basically the third art specialty...