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Felix Bernard

A bit of my history, and who I am now:

I had a very different and difficult childhood. I tended to be hyper, impulsive, and blurted a lot of things out. Because of my “misbehavior” I was sent to a private catholic school where most people are handicapped. I had nuns lock me up in lockers and dark rooms until I started to “behave.”

Eventually, though, I was diagnosed with Tourette’s, released back into the mainstream schools by 3rd grade, and became successful through my hard work and visions of achievement.

I am now studying to get my undergraduate degree in chemistry. I have a passion for science and math. I was one of two out of thousands who won the Fermilabs Science Award in my senior year of high school. My passion is to excel in my studies, the first three semesters of college the lowest final grade I got was a B+, this was at a top academic school, and it included calculus based physics, organic chemistry and calculus 3 (which the latter I got a 100% on the final). However, with much vigor in getting academically successful, I forgot to take care of my mental heath (I have Tourette’s, anxiety, OCD, and major depressive disorder), so I had to be hospitalized after my first year of college. This was the second time I’ve been hospitalized for severe mental health problems. But, even though I struggle a lot with mental health issues, it doesn’t stop me from working part time at a grocery store and now part time classes at a community college.

I am not really socially adept, and throughout all my years of school I never went to any proms or parties, and never really made a friend circle. I was too concerned with my academic success and intellect and did my own stuff: like studying politics and theology. But lately I’ve been trying to reach out more to people, like with furries.

On the side I am studying theology online to get a certificate in Systematic Theology - and thus becoming a theologian. I gave a sermon once at an old people’s convalescence center when I volunteered there. I have also written a commentary on a section in the book of Romans and have written a lot of theological responses and commentaries. Two theological articles I’ve written have been published at my college’s student newspaper.

So, I am very fond of writing. I have written several poems. I have also written a few hymns and short pieces of music in the classical style. Two classical symphonies I composed in middle and high school were performed at the respective school orchestras during public concerts. One hymn I wrote was viewed by my pastor and accepted to be performed during a Sunday morning service.

In the early years of High School I was elected by the Tourette’s Association to be a youth advocate in my state because of my story and achievements. I was sent to Washington D.C as a teenager to give a speech to a session of Congress, as well as meet with Illinois senators and congressmen to discuss bills and appropriations intended to achieve greater medical understanding, treatment, and general awareness for my disorder. I have also acquired a lot of knowledge about dealing with anxiety and OCD through years of therapy and taking psychology classes.

Telegram: @chemist332
Jan 3, 1998 (Age: 23)


Felix Bernard
Calvinist Philosopher and Reformed Christian Furry Theologian


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