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    Quit drawing and I feel great about it

    It’s not for everyone, what matters is you tried!
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    (FREE ART) Show me ur characters

    Here’s one of my characters! www.furaffinity.net: Violet character ref by Fell
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    Here's some art!

    Very cute!
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    Relaxing in bed YCH

    Having a little auction on my FA page. Come check it out if you’re interested! www.furaffinity.net: Relaxing in bed YCH Auction, SB$15 by Fell Thanks for reading! And have a great weekend.
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    My furry art!

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    Separate watch and friend options

    That would actually be really nice, I watch people who are friends, but all they draw is porn, and I don't like it personally. So to keep them but not see their submissions would be nice :3 On DA you can click boxes to customize if you want to see submissions, journals, etc. I don't know if...
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    Mature content being uploaded as general

    I'm always confused as to how many people don't put a filter, I mean, you HAVE to click one before submitting, so it's not like they just forgot to change it or something. They actively chose SFW when it clearly isn't. I also see a lot of sexual acts that don't get put under a filter "because no...
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    Code of conduct question

    Thank you so much!
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    Comissions (Humans/Furries) OPEN

    Your art is adorable ^w^ great work.
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    Candy gore badge $75 budget

    My badges are $20 for regular badges and $12 for chibi badges :) both in CAD. You can see my examples here: Artwork Gallery for Fell -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
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    Looking for couple icons! $80 budget

    My couples icons are $10 CAD and an example is here: www.furaffinity.net: Teo and Antha icon by Fell ^^
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    5$ CAD art shop! Chibis, Icons and More!

    Thanks! I'll send you a note there ^^
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    5$ CAD art shop! Chibis, Icons and More!

    $5 cad! You're speaking my currency XD. I have to wait and see how money goes, but I'd love to grab one. Do you have an FA page, or are you just here?
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    Patreon "only" accounts

    I find it really sad when instead of an actual description of why they did the art and the meaning like they used to, some artists just push their patreon. Someone I'm watching does that now. It's not spam, it's just really upsetting from the point of view of someone who actually cares about...
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    Code of conduct question

    I have a question about the code of conduct and wasn't sure who to ask about this. So I'll try here. In the code there is this paragraph: Do not spam. This includes registering accounts or posting content automatically, messaging users en masse with ads, posting content that is nonsensical...